against All authority vs. Ministry of Defence.LoL
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 15.  23.

 against All authority
 Ministry of Defence.LoL
Status: deleted
MatchID 26273870
Date Saturday, 16/06/12 20:00
Calculated 17/06/12 01:19
map tba
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0 : 0
Ministry of Defence.LoL

MB Baaklund


XL Winner
against All authority

Epsilon Nono

FuR imb4h



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Are you going to play at the selected time or will you postpone it? We have to choose which match we are going to stream today.

Edit: It would be nice if you could play at 21:00 CEST today, so we could stream TeamLess.EMS vs Team Gamed!DE at 20:00 and after it we continue with your match.
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ah we cant play due to issues with team rooster. so have given AAA freewin
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