End of Nations beta keys for the upcoming weekend!
A brand new free to play RTS is going to the next beta stage. End of Nations is massive RTS oriented to big team battles rather than simple 1on1 fights. Each player brings in his squads consisting of chosen units that this one player whats to bring to the battle. Here on ESL we are giving out 4,000 beta keys for this upcoming game and you can be one of the lucky testers this weekend!

Get your End of Nations Beta key now!

How to gain access to the beta weekend (7th til 9th of September)

Grab one of the 4,000 beta keys here on ESL (you need to be logged in)
Register an account at trionworlds.com
Select the Apply Code tab and enter your personal beta key
Select the Manage Games Page and select END OF NATIONS BETA
Accept the EULA and download the client
Start playing on the beta weekend starting 07/09/12 06:00

For a quick-start preview, check out the Field Commande's Survival Guide. It will help guide you through the trenches!

General Trion beta/NDA signing disclaimers for Event 3

To participate in this beta event, you must also agree to a Terms of Use, License and Non-Disclosure Agreement (“the Agreement”) on the End of Nations Beta - Manage Games page. After you accept the Agreement, you will receive instructions on how to download and install the software for playing End of Nations.


Join the global war in End of Nations™, the massive online strategy game from Trion Worlds and Petroglyph Games. Wage sprawling 56-player battles in real locales, shoulder-to-shoulder with other Commanders. Fight to shatter the grip of the oppressive Order of Nations and ensure your faction prevails. Command, control, customize — with millions of ways to play, the strategy is uniquely yours!

The Story

The world is at peace — until unexpected financial collapse sweeps standing governments from control. Amid anarchy and terrorism, the United Nations restores order and takes over much of the world under their new name: the Order of Nations. Two groups, the Liberation Front and the Shadow Revolution, rise to fight to topple the Order of Nations, and each other. Chaos reigns. Fight for freedom or fight for control. This is the End of Nations™.

Global Persistent Conflict

The Order of Nations has taken control of the world and rules with an iron fist, destroying anything or anyone that stands in its way. Play as one of two factions in a battle for power, influence, and territory in the persistent global war. Choose your side and join the battle!
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