EMS X CSS: The Final
After over 3 months of matches, we will finally see the big final of the two best european teams of the Major Series Season X Counter-Strike: Source. Within this news you get the information about the final of the EMS X CS:S season. For further details keep reading on.


Wednesday, 04/07/12 21:00
Status: closed

 Imaginary Gamin.. (#2)[0:2] VeryGames (#1)

  • Hello fans and friends,

    Tomorrow evening, it's the big evening! We have to play against our french compatriots of VeryGames. This match is little bit like a classico Barca-Real. Hard to give a prediction. Due to their practice, they are favorite. Even if we did a lan this weekend we don't have a lot of game hours and we are not ready. We have nothing to lose and we will try to do our best! It should be a close game. All is a question of motivation, of mental and of mind.

    Good Luck & Have Fun
  • Hello Friends and Fans,

    We are happy to play this final against our rivals and compatriots from Anexis. This team is still confident and that will be hard to beat them. We're looking forward to a great game, and I wish them good luck for this new opposition ;)

    Have fun watching guys!

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Prize Money distribution

Prize money distribution ESL Major Series X

4.600 €

Counter-Strike: Source

   1st 2.300 €
   2nd 1.350 €
   3rd 950 €

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GooD Luck VeryGames
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