EMS X CSS: Playday 2
Currently we are in the second matchweek and we can expect some exciting matches in the ESL Major Series X in Counter Strike Source. After this playday there are only three playdays left. This means also only three opportunities for the respective teams to fight them self to the top of the table until the participants in the EMS Playoffs are determined.

Qualifying Round 1: NOW - 1st April
Qualifying Round 2: 2nd April - 8th April
Qualifying Round 3: 9th April - 15th April
Groupstage: 23th April - 27th May
Playoffs: 3rd June - 1st July

The Groupstage

As mentioned the groupstage consists of 5 playdays. In the end every team of every group has played against every other team in their group. At the end of the groupstage the top team from each group will go through to the playoffs while the 2nd and 3rd place teams will face each other in the relegation.

Groupstage Rankings
Upcoming and played Matches

Playday 2

Team ALTERNATE vs. OBEY.CSGO (Details)
Paranoia eSports CS:GO vs. hesteloty (Details)
Feritas vs. whatsup.EMS (Details)
Imaginary Gaming vs. Faith (Details)
yournamem8tes vs. mTw (Details)
VeryGames vs. Mighty By Kind (Details)
redLine vs. aU.css (Details)
mousesports vs. SUPER (Details)
Tera-Mindfactory vs. sUpErsEriOUs (Details)
Copenhagen Wolves ESL ONE vs. Team GAMED.DE (Details)
Antwerp Aces EMS vs. Team CRYSTAL-SERV.EMS (Details)
Tt.Dragons vs. n!faculty (Details)

Prize Money

Prize money distribution ESL Major Series X

4.600 €

Counter-Strike: Source

   1st 2.300 €
   2nd 1.350 €
   3rd 950 €

Stay Up To Date

You can inform yourself anytime about what is happening on the EMS Mainpage. You can inform yourself about everything: News, upcoming matches and the current rankings. All of this on one page, so bookmark it!

EMS X Homepage

EMS X CS:S Homepage

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Good luck to all our participants and don't forget to idle in #esl.ems!

Your Admin Team
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