Wednesday, 12/06

ESL Major Series | 22:47
The Final RaidCall EMS SC2 Clan BattleIt has been just a little over six weeks since group stage has started and we are already in the grand finals of this season. Sixteen teams have joined the group stage after the exhausting qualifications, eight of them made it through to playoffs and now only two of them are left to battle it out for the winner title of the RaidCall ESL Major Series Spring 2013 and the biggest chunk of the €5.000 prize money.

Monday, 03/06

ESL Major Series | 12:59
RaidCall EMS SC2 Clan: Spring '13 Playoffs!Clash of the titans continues in the playoffs stage of the competition on Monday, May 20th... But who made it through? The answer is pretty clear - eight teams that did best in the group stage will now proceed on to next stage and battle it out between themselves.

Friday, 31/05

ESL Major Series | 11:00
EMS Spring Season '13 FIFA13 : ResultsThe ESL Major Series Spring Season '13 FIFA13 sponsored by RaidCall has just finished. It's time to discover the top4 of this season.

Thursday, 30/05

ESL Major Series | 15:41
Anexis takes RaidCall EMS Spring 2013 CrownAfter the qualification, group stage and playoffs we now finally have the RaidCall ESL Major Series Spring 2013 winner. The all Polish final between well known MeetYourMakers and Anexis eSports e.V. has ended surprisingly, some may say. Anexis have, despite being considered an underdog, shown just how much they are worth after defeating newly qualified LCS giants in an epic best of three match.

Monday, 27/05

ESL Major Series | 12:36
RaidCall EMS Spring 2013 Finals on Tuesday!The first place match of the RaidCall ESL Major Series Spring 2013 will be played on this Tuesday evening! The best two teams that have dominated this season will now clash and fight each other in one last epic battle. The winner of the upcoming Best of Three match takes home stunning <b>2,500€</b> as well as the RaidCall EMS winners title. However, runner-ups will not be leaving empty handed either - <b>1,500€</b> is definitely more than just a consolation prize. Interested how it will turn out?

Friday, 17/05

ESL Major Series | 15:05
Druidz.OZONE takes the winner title!After months and months of RaidCall ESL Major Series Spring 2013 matches, we now finally have the winner. With everything now finished, we are happy to present you the three finest European teams this season. None of these teams can be called losers as they have all proven to be the very best throughout the whole competition with their extra ordinary performances right up to the very last moment.

Wednesday, 15/05

ESL Major Series | 21:32
Watch the Grand Final live Tonight!The last remaining RaidCall ESL Major Series Spring 2013 Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 match will be played on Thursday, May 16th. You can watch the Grand Final live with cast from <b><a target="_blank" href="http://www.phgp.tv/">Play Hard Go Pro!</a></b> starting at 21:00 CEST. Make sure you tune in and cheer for one of our two epic finalists - :se: <b><a href="/eu/ems/season10/crossfire/playoffs/team/7584165/">4nothing.BO2</a></b> and :de: <b><a href="/eu/ems/season10/crossfire/playoffs/team/7003038/">in memory of dotpiXels e.V..</a></b>.
ESL Major Series | 14:28
RaidCall EMS Spring 2013 Nordic&East: Semi FinalsThe competition has reached Semi Finals which means situation is getting really heated right about now. Four best European teams from Nordic & East server are about to battle it out and prove to everyone they are worthy of the RaidCall ESL Major Series winner title. The winner's title is, however, not the only thing they will be fighting for. The amazing 5000€ prize money will be split amongst top three teams so they will all most definitely bring their A-Game for the upcoming playoffs matches.

Tuesday, 07/05

ESL Major Series | 22:40
RaidCall EMS Spring 2013 Nordic&East: PlayoffsAll group stage matches have now been played, which simply means it is time for the most exciting part of the tournament - Playoffs. As you may or may not know playoffs consist of eight teams, top two from each group. Teams that proved to be the best in the group stage of the competition will now take on each other to try and take that amazing <b>5000€ prize money</b> as well as the RaidCall ESL Major Series Spring 2013 winner title. It won't be easy but we are sure they are all up to the task.

Friday, 03/05

ESL Major Series | 22:03
Druidz joins dotpiXels in the big finals!After nearly two months of RaidCall ESL Major Series matches, there are only a couple of matches left to be played. The finest teams went through hell to be where they are now but in the end it will all pay out. Druidz :se: will meet dotpiXels :de: in what we can only assume will be an epic match for this season's winner title. Both teams have shown just how good they are by winning <b>ALL</b> of their EMS Spring 2013 matches so far. The third place match is bound to be interesting as well as guys from BANHAMMER :ru: will battle their former group stage rival iPLAY eSports :eu: once again.

Monday, 29/04

ESL Major Series | 15:14
EMS Spring Season '13 FIFA13: PlayoffsWe started later the season than the other sections but we caught up with them by now. The groupstage phase has ended so it's the time to announce the 12 players who will meet with each other in the play-off. Let's see the details.

Wednesday, 24/04

ESL Major Series | 16:53
pinGz is busted, be.inSide kicked from the EMS!Unfortunately, today is another sad day for CoD: BO2 community at the ESL as a cheater is discovered once again playing in the RaidCall EMS Spring 2013 Playoffs. Although we are extremely pleased that ESL Wire Anti-Cheat is on fire and doing a great job catching cheaters for us, we are at the same time deeply disappointed that yet again one of the teams tried to cheat and get away with it.

Thursday, 18/04

ESL Major Series | 14:03
RaidCall EMS Spring 2013 Nordic&East: Week 1 & 2Even though not all matches from the first two weeks have already been played, the rankings are slowly shaping and we are here to give you some insight into the current standings. Things are looking quite good for some teams that have won both of their matches so far - teams such as :bg: <b><a href="/eu/ems/season10/crossfire/playoffs/team/7172519/">headshotBG.LoL</a></b>, :lt: <b><a href="/eu/ems/season10/crossfire/playoffs/team/7287901/">Ultra Vires.BMC</a></b>, :gr: <b><a href="/eu/ems/season10/crossfire/playoffs/team/7620400/">Test Your Limits</a></b> and :pl: <b><a href="/eu/ems/season10/crossfire/playoffs/team/7628345/">Anexis eSports e.V. LoL</a></b>. :pl: <b><a href="/eu/ems/season10/crossfire/playoffs/team/7639766/">Lublin Shore.EMS</a></b> have as well won both of their matches, however, in one of them there was a game-breaking bug where one of the players couldn't use their basic attack at all and couldn't do anything to fix it. That being said, the match is now in protest and will most likely have to be replayed soon. Anyway, we can already see what teams are going to dominate the competition and we can say with absolute certainty that in the playoffs there will be some matches worth watching - so make sure you are constantly up to date.

Friday, 12/04

ESL Major Series | 00:49
RaidCall EMS Spring 2013: PlayoffsThe three weeks of group stage matches are now behind us and it is time to move on to next three even more challenging weeks. Eight teams that will join the playoffs have proven they are the best of best in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. They have fought their way to the top of Premier Division of European A-Series just to qualify and have now been through three weeks of group stage, but they are all still standing strong.

Saturday, 06/04

ESL Major Series | 19:28
RaidCall EMS Spring 2013: Group Stage Week 2 & 3All group stage weeks of our RaidCall EMS CoD: BO2 Spring 2013 are now behind us, and today we want to give you a little review of the last two match weeks. Although there are still a few matches left unplayed, some teams are already certain of their place in the playoffs. For example, all matches have been finished in Group A and C - which makes :ru: <b><a href="/eu/ems/season10/crossfire/playoffs/team/7494657/">myRevenge e.V. Xtratec.net</a></b>, :eu: <b><a href="/eu/ems/season10/crossfire/playoffs/team/6611858/">Tera-Gaming e.V.</a></b>, :se: <b><a href="/eu/ems/season10/crossfire/playoffs/team/7584165/">4nothing.BO2</a></b> and :de: <b><a href="/eu/ems/season10/crossfire/playoffs/team/7585484/">Authentix</a></b> already qualified for the playoffs. :de: <b><a href="/eu/ems/season10/crossfire/playoffs/team/7003038/">in memory of dotpiXels e.V..</a></b> from Group B and :dk: <b><a href="/eu/ems/season10/crossfire/playoffs/team/7584909/">AeQuuS</a></b> from Group D are as well already certain of the place in the playoffs, no matter how last matches from their groups play out.

Friday, 05/04

ESL Major Series | 21:08
RaidCall EMS SC2 Clan: Group StageThe RaidCall ESL Major Series Spring 2013 StarCraft II group stage is about to start so we are here today to give you a little insight of the teams as well as the groups. This stage of the competition consists of four groups of four and since it's a single round-robin tournament each participant will play every other participant just once over the next three weeks period.

Thursday, 04/04

ESL Major Series | 15:13
Team with a cheater disqualified from the RaidCall EMSJust when we thought everything was going great for the first ever Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 RaidCall ESL Major Series season we discover there is a cheater hidden deep within one of the biggest favorites to take this season's podium or even the winning prize. By now you must be wondering who are we talking about. Player :nl: <b><a href="/eu/ems/season10/crossfire/playoffs/player/4074745/">battiYywz</a></b> has been caught cheating by ESL Wire Anti-Cheat and therefore :eu: <b><a href="/eu/ems/season10/crossfire/playoffs/team/7584110/">logiX</a></b> will have to take the consequences.

Wednesday, 03/04

ESL Major Series | 18:19
RaidCall EMS Spring 2013 Nordic&East: Group StageThe RaidCall ESL Major Series Spring 2013 League of Legends Nordic & East is about to start, and this are your groups. Sixteen teams that have qualified through playing A-Series, three qualification cups or simply by being in the top four last season will now compete against each other in a three-week long group stage period where the best teams for playoffs will be decided. Teams have been placed in their groups based on overall activity, skill and past success as well as the results they are achieving right now as teams. One team in the Group D is yet unknown and will be decided by the end of this week. Four teams that reached the quarter final in the last chance qualification cup but lost were invited back to a <a href="/eu/lol/east/5on5/ems_spring2013_lastchance_decider/rankings/">battle between themselves</a> for the last remaining slot.
ESL Major Series | 15:48
RaidCall EMS SC2 Clan: Qualifiers & Schedule Update!Ladies and Gentlemen, due to the overwhelming and unexpected success of our new StarCraft 2 Clan League, we have to make some changes. We have to do this to avoid possible conflicts and more chaotic delays.

Tuesday, 02/04

ESL Major Series | 21:53
RaidCall ESL Major Series Raffle - WinnersWe have decided to close the raffle prematurely as our expectations might have been too high... but you will still get the prizes! We have had <b>271</b> shares on Facebook, which means the same amount of people that joined the raffle. Although we have collected only around <b>500</b> new likes, we were more than happy to randomly select winners and give them some nice stuff.

Tuesday, 26/03

ESL Major Series | 21:35
RaidCall EMS Spring 2013 SC2: The Invited TeamsToday we are going to announce which teams will get direct invites for this season's RaidCall ESL Major Series SC2 Clan league! Eight teams have been selected by our staff and will join the other eight that will qualify through one of our <a href="/eu/sc2/news/215461/" target="_blank"><b>two qualifier cups</b></a>, in 16 contestants group stage taking place during the whole of April, followed by a playoffs stage. Our own James "Kaelaris" Carrol will cover all 3 stages on <a target="_blank" href="http://www.esl.tv" target="_blank">ESL TV</a>.
ESL Major Series | 13:57
RaidCall EMS Spring 2013 Nordic&East: Last ChanceDue to insufficient amount of participants overall, we will have another qualification cup - the Last Chance qualifier. Two teams from EU Nordic & East A-Series were invited to compete in the RaidCall ESL Major Series this season. They will join two teams with a direct invite from last season that are active on EUNE, and 8 more from the previous 2 qualifiers.

Monday, 25/03

ESL Major Series | 00:56
RaidCall EMS Spring 2013: Group Stage Week 1All matches from our first RaidCall EMS Spring 2013 week have now been played, and we are here to bring you some stats. As you all might know by now there are 16 teams participating in this season and therefore each group stage week consists of 8 matches - needless to say most of them were pretty exciting. Two draws and a 13-10 match say enough about how unpredictable the season will be. That being said, we are confident enough to say it is really anyone's game.

Saturday, 23/03

ESL Major Series | 14:11
RaidCall ESL Major Series RaffleWe are giving away some goods including League of Legends skins, ESL Premium accounts and Roccat Pyra... in exchange for your social media participation. We want to advertise and promote our social media and at the same time award you for helping us do it with some very nice prizes. It's really simple, all you have to do is like & share with a couple of clicks. So what are you waiting for? Go on and win something nice.

Thursday, 21/03

ESL Major Series | 12:06
RaidCall EMS Spring 2013: StreamingFirst RaidCall EMS Group Stage matches start this Thursday, and we will be ready to bring you some action. We have secured the finest quality English stream for each week with <a target="_blank" href="http://www.twitch.tv/phgp_tv">PHGP</a>'s <b><a href="/eu/ems/season10/crossfire/playoffs/player/931469/">zEv</a></b>. Starting today, on <b>21st March 20:00 CET</b>, your Thursday nights should be occupied with at least one RaidCall EMS match and even more in case we manage to arrange later times with teams that are playing.

Monday, 18/03

ESL Major Series | 20:21
RaidCall EMS Spring 2013 StarCraft 2 Clan: Qualification *Update*The recently renamed RaidCall ESL Major Series is back for yet another season - and this time it features StarCraft 2, Clan league. Sixteen teams will be given a chance to compete in our online money prized competition and they will be doing so on the recently released Heart of the Swarm.
ESL Major Series | 19:38
Unrated Gaming disqualified from RaidCall EMSAfter thoroughly going over :de: Unrated Gaming's case, we found it really hard to let them compete in this season of the RaidCall ESL Major Series and decided to disqualify them. One of their players was recently caught cheating by ESL Wire Anti-Cheat which is obviously already reason enough for their results in the A-Series not to count.

Sunday, 17/03

ESL Major Series | 01:34
EMS Spring Season '13 FIFA13: GroupstageAfter choosing the players via A-Series EU & DE and get the top8 from last season we have made the groups. Discover the groups and some rules in this news.

Saturday, 16/03

ESL Major Series | 02:45
RaidCall EMS Spring 2013: Group StageThe biggest ESL event for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is finally here and the best European teams are about to battle it out. Sixteen teams that have qualified through European A-Series will now compete against each other in the group stage of the competition, split in four groups of four. This qualification system was used for the first time ever in the ESL Major Series and has proven to be quite successful not only for qualifying but for determining pretty well balanced group stage seeds as well.

Tuesday, 05/03

ESL Major Series | 21:34
RaidCall EMS Spring 2013 East: Qualification CupsAs we previously announced, RaidCall ESL Major Series is back for yet another season on EU East, however, some of the qualification details have now changed. We have announced that all teams for this season would qualify through Nordic & East A-Series but due to insufficient amount of participants that will not be the case. Instead only a portion of teams from the top of A-Series will qualify and other teams will be decided through qualification cups and direct invites from last season top Nordic & East teams.
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