EMS DoW: 2. playday
2nd playday: done. This playday was freaky with a lot of great matches and very close decisions in almost every group. We have some teams which could qualify for the playoffs already just as in some groups still everyone has all chances. What has happened exactly? Check this coverage.
The ESL Major Series continues. A lot of awesome matches have taken place this sunday. We had protests, we had close matches, we had action. The second playday already included some last chances for several teams. Have they been able to take this chance?

Group A

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The German team Pain is Coming - DoW had to face GgmS.4B. The Poles have been already under pressure because they needed to win this war to keep a chance to advance to the playoffs. They failed. Pain is Coming - DoW had no mercy with their neighbors from Poland and won 3:1. One 1on1 was wildcared by GgmS.4B. Only the 2on2 could be won by GgmS.4B.

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The second war of this group has been between sIN.Gaming DoW.EMS and USSR DoW Team. The No. 1 ranked team sIN.Gaming DoW.EMS didn't grant any chance to their opponents from Russia and won this war also with 3:1. Once again, just AZ could get a point for USSR DoW Team by winning against sHaDe with 2:1.

Everything clear in Group A? It seems like this. Pain is Coming - DoW and sIN.Gaming DoW.EMS could win their first two wars. Now both will fight for the Number 1 spot in the ranking at the last playday. Since the second placed team will have play against the first placed team of Group B, both teams should be highly interested in winning this war because everyone knows who will presumably wait there: Fallen-Soulz.DoW

For GgmS.4B and USSR DoW Team it's just fighting for honor anymore. Both teams surely want to finish this season with at least one won clanwar on the table.

Group B:

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Fallen-Soulz.DoW is on fire now. They went into this second playday with full strenght now that Divine_Right has arrived the battle field as well. Their opponent Atropine-Esports fought brave against their strong opponents and managed to win two maps. But in the end, they couldn't avoid a clear result. The war was won with 5:0 for Fallen-Soulz.DoW.

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After their close win at the first playday, TOXiC.DoW had to collect some more points in this clanwar. Russian universe of Warhammer has been under pressure too since they've lost the first war against Fallen-Soulz.DoW with just winning 1 single match. In the end, with a result of 4:0, the match was much clearer then expected. The war is currently under protest because the match between Horde and Flet had bad connections issues. We have to wait for an admin decision here before the match can be added to the ranking.

This group has already some clear favorites as well. Fallen-Soulz.DoW is even already qualified for the playoffs. TOXiC.DoW has still a chance to get the No. 1 spot in their group if they can win against Fallen-Soulz.DoW.
Atropine-Esports just can hope that Fallen-Soulz.DoW will annihilate TOXiC.DoW by 5:0 just as they have to win 5:0 against Russian universe of Warhammer but this is just theory.

Group C:

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Second playday in the group of death. Templars Of Twilight - DoW.EMS, which had struggled in their first war against DAWN OF WAR II asdfgh, had now to face the suprising team of the first playday: veAre.DoW2. Things have become even worse when Templars Of Twilight - DoW.EMS had to announce that r0rUm has broken his hand and won't be able to play for the rest of the EMS. It seemed like veAre.DoW2 could continue their win streak but once again, everything was different then expected. Templars Of Twilight - DoW.EMS could win this war 3:1. The 2on2 was postponed by wildcard of veAre.DoW2.

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Second match of the group. Both teams, Clowns in Combat and DAWN OF WAR II asdfgh, lost their first war in this group but were still head to head with their competitors. As expected, this war was close. Very close. 3:2 or better said 7:6 maps has been the result with Clowns in Combat as the winner. The unlucky highlight of this war has been the match between LeRagpicker and pax_humanus. In the second match pax_humanus dropped and a protest had to decide if the match would be replayed or counted as a win for LeRagpicker. The admins came to the decision that the game couldn't be won for pax_humanus when he dropped and gave the win to LeRagpicker who could also win the third map.

Just two points difference between the first placed Templars Of Twilight - DoW.EMS and last placed veAre.DoW2. Everyone is looking to the final playday now. Everyone is still able to advance to the playoffs or get stuck in the group stage. It couldn't be closer.

Group D:

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In Group D Immortals had to play against Le Coeur de Serra. Le Coeur de Serra really had no luck with their group. Facing Team.DoW first just to have Immortals in the second war is really not a thankful task. But they fought well and Ultra_Simon was even able to get a 2:0 win against the russian top player VelAn. The other games have been lesser successful for Le Coeur de Serra. In the end they were defeated 3:1 by Immortals. For the 2on2, Le Coeur de Serra decided to use a wildcard.

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The last match of this playday has been between Team.DoW and nD - closed -. After the superior performance of Team.DoW against Le Coeur de Serra everyone thought Team.DoW found back to old days and would be on top again just as nD - closed - could bury their ambitions to advance to the playoffs after losing to Immortals. nD - closed - proved us all wrong. With a great performance they were able to beat Team.DoW with 3:1. The missing 1on1 was moved with the use of a wildcard by Team.DoW

After this suprising result in the match between Team.DoW and nD - closed -, everything is open again here. The last playday will be very interesting. Team.DoW still has all chances when they are able to beat Immortals in their last match. nD - closed - is suddenly in the comfortable situation that they "just" have to beat Le Coeur de Serra with a high result to advance to the playoffs.


Again a great playday. Once again we saw some really suprising results and especially Group C and Group D will give us a lot of fun for the last playday. We hope, you enjoyed this second playday and are looking forward for the great final of the group stage. Have fun with the replays.
EugenusMaximus, Monday, 29/10/07 19:16
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whoho, nice coverage! gogo sIN^^
n1 again .
nice news.
hope we get the second place!
Really nice news :p (like the first one)
gj eugenus :p

Well, we already lost, but it was a really nice competition ;)
We didn't had chance against IMS .. Rallos played at 3am, ecause his opponent came later than we thougt, and harlock should have won first map, but his mouse stopped working :/
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Nice eugene
wow great!
Marteffyo is a russian
alien ^.^
Purpel is a german
marty is not russian, he is estonian. There is a great difference
Purp knows that hes just bugging me .
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Nice Read.
It is a true joy to read these recaps of such a hard day of gaming :)

Thanks Eugenus!

It really makes playing these scurvy dogs worth it! XD
Eugene over rates FallensoulZ so much ^^
good report, it was worth reading it!
we sux :/
i must agree :-S
nice report
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