Crossfire Europe: Next dropouts
Yesterday we had to kick BOPE TROPA and MADVISION eSports from the ESL Major Series, because they had more than 3 Major penalty points. Only one more matchday is left to qualify for the playoffs in Crossfire Europe and we already have three teams, which are qualified for it.
And here are the three teams, which have played in the groups with the dropouts and therefore are already qualified:
Hounds EMS
IceNine CF
Narcotic OLD

So in Group A and C everything is decided, but we still have Group B and D, where we are looking forward to the next matchday to see who wins the group and who qualifies for the playoffs.

Top Matches on Sunday

Sunday, 29/04/12 20:00
Status: closed

 ABSOLUTE EMS (#1)[14:6] Hounds EMS (#5)

Sunday, 29/04/12 20:00
Status: closed

 SeLecT (#7)[9:11] Narcotic OLD (#3)

We wish good luck and have fun to all players and teams in the EMS.

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bLackhawk, Wednesday, 25/04/12 16:37
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I hope next Season wont have that much dropouts! GL to for the Top Matches.
I hope next season there wont be teams who disban/go inactive while Ems, but thats CF, so it will always be like this. Kids cant stay in the same team for 3 months.

you can review Tera-Gamin.eV vs. Hounds.CF and CEFO vs. IceNine (i9) here:


Thanks for watching, submit your feedback on my facebook page:


Regards and don't forget to like the facebook page for upcoming announcements and tune in next sunday!!!

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