Changes to the EAS System
It's nearly two years ago as we announced the "Round ESL" system along with the first ESL Amateur Series. But it's still a very young calculation system with wich we had and still have to collect experiences. We made a few fundamental changes which will take effect the first time on Monday.
A large problem was the "tailback" of the last Division, the participants weren't able to ascent because they didn't got sufficient reference Matches. So we got extra large last Divisions, although the participants played many Matches.

At that time we included the reference Matches in order that participants have to play at least two times against an assumed equal opponent until they ascent to a higher Division. Thereby the ELO value of the ascending Team should become comparably and adapted.

Since now you need only one Match to ascent from the last Division into a higher one, no matter if that is a free challenge or an "Auto-Challenger Date". We had to limit the number of possible free challenges to 2, so that it isn't possible to collect too many ELO points agains weak Teams. With these changes the whole system becomes a bit more simple and transparent.

The reference Matches will still be generated and have to be played but are no longer necessary for an ascent.

Ascent from the last Division, if
- two completed Auto-Challenger Matches
- and one completed reference Match

- one completed Match
- max. 2 free challenges in the last Division

The changes will become visible with the upcoming devision update, thus this or next Monday.

We hope to make the ESL Amateur Series a bit more interesting and dynamic with these changes and wish all participants a lot of fun!
tahlon, Thursday, 17/03/05 14:16
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