EMS IX TMNF: New season!
After a very nice Season VIII, we're proud to present you EMS Season IX in Trackmania. Again in Team Mode and we're looking forward to nice matches again. But first of all this news includes all important information about how to qualify.

Prizes Team EMS TMNF

Prize money distribution ESL Major Series IX

2,000 €

Trackmania Nations Forever

   1st1.000 €
   2nd600 €
   3rd400 €


Open EU Qualifiers for EMS Season IX: First Half of October
CAP 8 / EMS IX Groupstage: November - December
Playoffs: January 2012

Who will play EMS Season IX?

16 Slots:
  • Top 1-8 EMS Season 8
  • 2 Climbers of CAP7 2nd Division
  • 6 Slots by Qualifiers

  • Who will play the Qualifiers?

    Every team can sign up to one of the three qualifier cups. Each cup is up to 16 participating teams from which the 2 best will go directly into EMS IX.
    The Qualifier Cups will be announced in a separate news with further details.

    Whats the system of the EMS Season IX?

  • 4 Groups a 4 Teams
  • Groupstage: 2 times each team --> 6 matches
  • Playoffs: Single-Elimination of Top2 in Groupstage
  • ESL Premium will be obligatory.

  • What happens with the other CAP Divisions?

    The other divisions are played as usual. Every team can Signup for the Competition Amateur Premiership VIII. There will be no qualification. A separate news will announce all details regarding this.

    ESL Major Series 9

    More details will follow the next days!
    Good luck and have fun

       ESL TMNF Admins!
    Chris92, Friday, 02/09/11 15:12
    comments (12)
    why so late^^
    Sweet! Gl hf all
    glhf, looking forward to it
    great :)
    EMS <3
    Nice news! although late date as we use to D:
    TMNF <3
    spam!! :D TMNF <3
    blizz wrote:
    TMNF <3
    gl gf :)
    good to see :)
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