mYinsanity vs. K1ck eSports Club
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 K1ck eSports Club
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MatchID 26391453
Date Wednesday, 27/06/12 21:00
Calculated 27/06/12 22:42
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BO3 VETO 1 : 0
BO3 VETO 1 : 0
mYinsanity wins ! (Default Win)
Points +2 : 0
27/06/12 21:18
287 kB, 27/06/12 21:18, by cHoObiE (mYi)





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comments (8)
We had LAN this weekend , so we where not here abble to play , when do u guys wanna play the match ?
Tomorrow plays Portugal the Semi Finals , so it will be impossible to play ofc , but the rest of the week we are available , what is with u guys ?
Hi, no, we can't play another time this week.
Ok then just lets seetle another day once today is impossible for us to play and for u this week either.

When u guys up for ?
Well, no. You should have responded in the match protest like every other team should do on ESL's website. We don't have time as it is (we have 10+++ officials to play still) and have LAN next week. Next match week is this sunday, so we can't really postpone it.
Ok we are goona go for Protest on this , 0 Guids Screenshoot and Esl Wire LOgin aswell , that doesnt proove anything that u where online and LEGAL online !
Screenshot is uploaded 2 minutes after match deadline (21:15), ESL wire login we ALL logged in and it was bugged - I spoke to admin as soon as I saw this.

"Fair Play?"

We played by the rules, all connected to server, took screenshot, made protest, wrote in protest, etc. Do whatever you want, but your team shouldn't even be allowed to play in playoffs, 0 premiums. So plz, don't whine.
we have the premium, but they just run out, but i have prepaid codes, ...
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