Reason-Gaming vs. fnatic
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MatchID 8318029
Date Tuesday, 11/12/07 21:00
Calculated 11/12/07 22:35
map de_dust2
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21 : 18
Reason-Gaming wins !
Points +2 : 0

16/12/07 14:47
  • CSS ESL Major Series Season I Playoffs
    - Round 1 -

    fnatic (#1) vs. eSuba (#8)
  • [ Prematch Statements ]
  • The first game of the play-offs is against eSuba. These czechs have been doing really well lately, with some nice results and stable play. The match is being played on de_dust2 which is quite a random map, the game could go both ways. GL&HF
  • We are going to face against one of best teams in europe, fnatic. They have great teamplay, but dust2 is map more about individual skills. Many factors will decide this match, but I believe we will benefit from both fnatic recent inactivity & map . I'm hoping for close match, see you tommorow!
  • [ Match Score ]
  • de_dust2
    Map: de_dust2


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comments (17)
go fnatic :]
http://s2.hsradio.pl:8000/listen.pls - ENGLISH shoutcast - feel free to tune in !
gg guys, wp
NOT SO GOOD fnatic xDD best awp player proph camping at b spot ^^ omG
gg thx for great game
huge game !
gj eSuba Czech Rep. 4ver ;-)
What a game, and I missed it. Could someone upload a demo, please?
gg eSuba
yep. ive seen the match too and fnatic first time. have to say i expected a little more .. : average performance.
gg esuba
welll czech republic:)
tnx for the demo ;)
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