badGirlsclan vs. faculty
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MatchID 7632183
Date Sunday, 18/11/07 20:00
Calculated 18/11/07 21:05
map de_train
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5 : 16
faculty wins !
Points 0 : +3

18/11/07 18:59
  • Female Only ESL Major Series Season I Groupstage
    - Playday 9 -

    spanish girls mix (#2) vs. ID Gaming (#1)
  • [ Prematch Statements ]
  • We definetly know they are a very hard rival from our group so we will just try to do as good as we can and we will also try to enjoy the game. Some of these players are good friends outside of the game so we can be sure about a fair and fun meeting with these ladies! GL & HF <3
  • Our last match in groupstage. Our spanish opponent, better known as redCode is definitly one of our heaviest opponents. We will give our best to defeat them. Nevertheless I hope you will reach the playoffs. Have fun and good luck! PS: I like "vino tinto i casera" very much (i know i have a problem with alcohol...), cu next summer in Torreviesta (near Alicante)!
  • [ Match Score ]
  • de_train
    Map: de_train
    spanish girls mix0:0ID Gaming

    spanish girls mix0:0ID Gaming

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comments (7)
heyjo! is the 15th okay for you at 20h?

i think for the server we have to take a french one?
can check this next week, i'll contact you anouc.

best regards!
Lets talk on iRC but we usually can't play at 20 CET because most of people are back from work/school between 21 and 22 CET every day. We usually play at that time or just move the games to the weekend, so everyone's on a chillin' mode :)

Server: We have a Game-Hosting which works really well in France!


PD: psycho, u mean Torrevieja? :P
I dont like wine that much (only if its part of calimotxo or sangria), but glad to see you enjoy some good spanish wine over here =)
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whats about sunday 20 CET ?

or if we can begin this thursday on 21 CET it would be okay, but not later :/
gogo anouc and bady!!!
We fixed the map on tuesday, for next Sunday at 20:00 CET. See you then girls :D
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