EMS Crossfire - The 3rd chance
Only three more qualifiers are left to qualify for the ESL Major Series Winter Season 2012 in Crossfire Europe, so sign up with your team and try to get in the EMS with 5,000 Euro prize money. Read the whole news to get the full update, so there are no misunderstandings in the EMS Qualifier Cups.

The Qualifiers

Qualifier #3: 20/09/2012 19:00 CEST - Sign Up
Qualifier #4: 25/09/2012 19:00 CEST - Sign Up
Last Chance Qualifier: 30/09/2012 18:00 CEST - Sign Up

Due to the feedback we already changed the start times of the 3rd and 4th qualifier, so it starts an hours earlier as planned. But again, most of the players have time in the evening, that is why we prepared the qualifiers for those hours. We will check the teams, because all players need to be at least 16 years old.

And remember that the official support channel #esl.crossfire is on Quakenet (IRC). We will not give any support via privat messages in the next cups.

Prize money breakdown

The total prize money reserved for this season is €5,000 and it is distributed like this.

EMS Winter Season 2012 Crossfire Europe

   1st €2,500
   2nd €1,500
   3rd €1,000

We wish all teams the best of luck in the upcoming qualifications for the ESL Major Series Winter Season 2012 and have fun playing Crossfire Europe on the ESL.

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bLackhawk, Wednesday, 19/09/12 11:09
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comments (3)
yeah make the weekend qualifiers at 20:00 and then make the qualifiers during the week at 19:00 perfect logic.... most of us arent home at that time
when will be played 3rd chance?
today? :D
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