EMS X WoT - Final!
Here we are, friends, at the moment we were all waiting for! ESL Major Series X will be ending in the World of Tanks section today sadly. However, it won't end before we finish the last match played between two of the best teams in ESL at this moment. Expect a lot of shells to be delivered, a lot of hits to be sent and a lot of tanks to be destroyed, starting with 18 CET, TODAY!

Way to the Final

The RED team1 qualified first in their group, an excellent performance by the current number 1 in ESL Major Series. Seeing themselves in the playoffs as favorites, they didn't gave not a single chance to their compatriots from Red Tide EMS as they absolutely claimed the win in 3 maps.
The Semi-Final against their friends and colleagues from The Red Rush: Unity was one of the toughest matches for them as it is always hard to play against friends with so many at stake, but it was awesome for us to see two of the best russian teams playing each other in the ESL Major Series. Match ended with an absolute win in 4 maps for The RED team1, but their compatriots still managed to get the 3rd place as in the last season.
Now, it's up to the first team to take the title once again by defeating the europeans from Dead Read Army. I'm sure that they will perform as usually because they know that they have to defend their last title from the ESL Major Series IX! We'll see about this today, at 18 CET!

Dead Read Army qualified first in their group after only one defeat against Red Tide. That didn't affect their morale as they managed to destroy peculiar gaming in 3 maps and thus getting to the semi-finals!
The Semi-Final against the germans from Odem Mortis was one hell of a match for them as they barely won the match in 5 maps with 3-2 and thus getting the europeans from Dead Read Army in the Grand Final!
We've seen great teamwork in their matches and also a lot of motivation to prove themselves in the ESL Major Series. I sure want to see how they will perform in the final as they have a lot of potential and they can surely surprise all of us by winning against the ESL Major Series title holders, The RED team1! Good luck guys, all our eyes are on you now!

Saturday, 30/06/12 18:00
Status: closed

 The RED Rush (#2)[1:3] RoX.KIS EMS (#1)

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FoaMeA, Saturday, 30/06/12 16:11
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GGS!!! incredible finale
Great thanks The RED team1 for very interesting matches!!!
Can we have some demos, please?
http://ru.twitch.tv/nismoua/b/323239170 VOD Final by NismoUA (Russian)
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