EMS X CoD4: Group Stage
We are finally ready to announce the groups for the upcoming few EMS weeks. Everything is ready for the best European teams to fight for their spot in the playoffs, and we expect each and every one of them to give their everything and prove they deserve to be in this competition.

Beating their rivals in group stage is only one of the obstacles, but it surely won't be walk in the park for any of the teams participating.
With some of the biggest names in Call of Duty scene playing in this season's Major Series tournament there will be no room to breathe in what should be months of fighting for that important grand prize and of course, the winners title.


Teams have been divided in 4 groups, with 6 teams in each of them.
Group AGroup B
mYinsanity Anexis eSports e.V.
TCM-Gaming Gamersject
Tera-Gaming e.V. Regez Gaming
Qnatek eSports nEophyte
Team Refuse cod4 war mal
team DOBRO xNc Gaming CoD4

Group CGroup D
LowLandLions delicious!
apeX.eSports Pro Multigaming Players
K1ck eSports Club Team-Property
PunchLine WiLD.CM Storm - CoD4 inactive
CPLAY.Tt myRevenge e.V.
Team NYANCAT eEriness


When the time does actually come to play the matches, there will of course be 2-3 guidelines and rules which teams will need to follow. Best-Of-Three will be played each week. One map will be chosen for each match every week to start with, there will be an mr12 rule-set enabled on all game servers and first to 13 is a winner - in case of a draw, overtime shall be played on the same map. Second map is picked by a loser team.

The use of the ESL Wire Anti-Cheat program is mandatory for all participants within the main round, failing to do so will result in necessary action being taken.

Finally, for all teams participating in the group stage, we would like to make it clear that ALL teams must have their premium accounts in use by Saturday 12th May 23:59. If any one has any issues, please open a support ticket and we will get to you as soon as possible.

Prize Money

Prize money distribution ESL Major Series X

2.700 €

Call of Duty 4

   1st 1.350 €
   2nd 800 €
   3rd 550 €

Stay up to date

There are numerous way of staying up to date with EMS competition! You can inform yourself anytime about what is happening on the EMS Mainpage: News, streaming, upcoming matches and the current rankings all at one place!

EMS X Homepage

EMS X CoD4 Homepage

Follow ESL Major Series on Twitter

Good luck to all our participants and don't forget to idle in #esl.ems!

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johNNy, Tuesday, 08/05/12 18:18
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