EMS X TMNF & CAP 9: 3rd pack released
Many news about the upcoming EMS/CAP have been released recently, because both tournaments are coming closer and closer! This news deals with one of the most important things: the maps! You will find the exact release dates and some other useful information below!

Map cycle

1: 13th May 20.00
2: 20th May 20.00
3: 27th May 20.00
4: 3rd June 20.00
5: 10th June 20.00
6: 17th June 18.00
7: 24th June 18.00
Parrots are cool

Map release dates

First of all we want to thank all of you who sent your maps to us. We again received lots of tracks and hope you will have fun on them. Below you can see all the release dates for each mappack. You just have to click on the names of the maps to download them as soon as they are published! For the map distribution you have to go to this news:
EMS & CAP Schedule

Mappack 1

Mappack for Playdays 1-3 *updated*

Map A: ESL - Dragonborn by mÇon|Gili
Map B: ESL - Nowhere by Funteam.Placket & Funteam.nevermind'
Map C: ESL - Quebec by »ЯтА«wally²

Thursday, 3rd May

Mappack 2

Mappack for Playdays 4-6

Map D: ESL - Flatliner by ΛСimaletyoufinish.xTтмм
Map E: ESL - Motionless Funteam.nevermind'
Map F: ESL - Feelings infs|Massa
Sunday, 27th May

Mappack 3

Mappack for Playday 7 and Playoffs & Relegations

Map G: ESL - Anaru by мХ.Sasuke & reset » BobaШ
Map H: ESL - Keno by BX3 Clem0uf
Map I: ESL - Parrots are cool by [DFF]wormí

Sunday, 17th June

Maps on tm-exchange!

We also want to link all the maps, after they were uploaded on tmx, here on the site! Therefore we will send an E-Mail to everyone who has been chosen, to ask them to upload their tracks on tmx!

ESL - Dragonborn
ESL - Nowhere
ESL - Quebec³
ESL - Flatliner
ESL - MotionLess
ESL - Feelings
ESL - Anaru
ESL - KenO
ESL - Parrots are cool

Good luck and have fun!!

Important Links

CAP 9 Rulebook
EMS & CAP Schedule

EMS X Homepage

EMS X Trackmania Homepage

Follow ESL_Trackmania on Twitter

   ESL TMNF Admins!

joey, Sunday, 17/06/12 12:04
comments (45)
first comment auhuah. expectation go go.
at which time u´ll release it?
yeah i need to know if i can go to sleep or not :D
Morning and still nothing ^^
When will the maps be here?
nolif0rs! ;D
chill the fuck out, guys
the maps were released at evening everytime before ;)
Why to be rude... we are just looking forward to them :)
Sorry, but i heard that the maps were going to be released at 00,00 thursday :)
oh maps arrived, gl hf :)
Hello guys,
Is im the only one, who got problem with fast on the track "ESL-Quebec". Just because of the last Grass piece in the track, it wont allow the server to save the records?
Yes, same problem for me.. Something wrong with that grass in the end of track.. :|
The grass make Fast bug, really hard!
Seems to be a nice mappack!
CAP divisions still confirmed for today btw? :p
ESL - Dragonborn : http://tmnforever.tm-exchange.com/main.aspx?action=trackshow&id=4881671#auto

Good luck have fun to all teams ;)
Want them divisions! :)
need divisions :)
dont use FAST then? :D:D

nah, or update map quick...:)
esl admins pls
Yes map update would be nice!
Where are the Divisions of CAP ? o.O
Mappack updated, Quebec fixed.
The "fixed" version doesn't work either. Have you tried it with fast?
Doesn`t Work Wally :) Cp 7 and 8 are the same Time?!

Two Cp`s at CP7 :)
1 edits
come on Wally, fix this damn great map! :*
Video of mappack: http://youtu.be/qyobetJ9HZY
Quebec fixed again......3 !
Yea, try now...should be ok.
hey how to send in maps for this tournament?
iiiiih massa
The map flatliner was cutted, but it is now updated.


is the link. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused, good night!
2 edits
noob admins, how did you not see this obvious cut?!?

great map ima_let_you_finish :p
I would say that it is my responsability.
But anyways, thank you :)
dunno whats noobier. not seeing that cut, or sending a map to us that you already sent in for last STC/NC which was even picked there. at least we saw that ^,^
Pack updated
Of course i'm noob, everybody is expecting that, but not everybody is expecting a noob admin :p Just kidding Joey, hope you don't freak out :D You're doing a pr0 work! kisses
kisses back :* :D
Every Competition Ladder now show the new maps =) gogo
where on tmx ESL-Parrots are cool?
wormi will propably post tmx link later today.
Why the esl mappacks are going worse?
There are only 2-3 maps from 9 which are "good".
Well thats my opinion.I wanna know if im the only one who thinks like me?:D
KinGoD wrote:
Why the esl mappacks are going worse?
There are only 2-3 maps from 9 which are "good".
Well thats my opinion.I wanna know if im the only one who thinks like me?:D

In all champions the same situation
KinGoD wrote:
Why the esl mappacks are going worse?
There are only 2-3 maps from 9 which are "good".
Well thats my opinion.I wanna know if im the only one who thinks like me?:D

Im totally feeling the same way, bro.. I sometimes wonder who approves the maps.
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