1on1 Spring League 2012 Playoff Cup
The group stage is over, so it is time to take a look at the playoff cup and its participants. 16 players will play in the double elimination playoff cup this Sunday, so lets prepare for some nice matches.


First of all we present you the schedule of 1on1 Spring League 2012:

When? What? Done?
20.03. Announcement News
27.03. Signup Cup
29.03. Group Stage News
01.04. Group Stage
07.05. Playoff Cup News
13.05. Playoff Cup
12.07. Winner News

Playoff Cup

The playoff cup starts Sunday, 13.05.2012 18:00 CEST. Both the winner bracket final and the loser bracket final have to be played as Best-of-Five, while the overall final has to be played as Best-of-Seven. All other matches have to be played as Best-of-Threes. Based on the results of the group stage the top 2 players of each group have been seeded into the playoff cup. Map selection process and map pool are the same as in the group stage.

The 16 contestants are:

Group Rank Player
A 1 Drake
B 1 Jaracz
2 Naftalin
C 1 amis_92
2 Paradox
D 1 Dark Riku
E 1 JamusMcgamuS
2 DiViNiTY
F 1 VindicareX
2 FerikJurgen
G 1 Wurgl
2 oOoSWAT858oOo
H 1 Trojan
2 DJ Raffa

Good luck and have fun!

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Your Admin Team
Imbaer, Monday, 07/05/12 19:15
1on1 Spring League 2012 Playoff Cup
comments (6)
I won't be available the 13th.
Dark Riku wrote:
I won't be available the 13th.

Try to play your matches ahead then if possible.
I want to participate on a future cup! What should i do? I cant open the console on retribuition to take what the sites requires, some one can help me?
You guys should rename this tournament to the forfeit tourney.
Can i watch the replayes some where?
Lictor Brood wrote:
Can i watch the replayes some where?

Only if players uploaded them. http://www.esl.eu/eu/dow2_r/1on1/springleague_2012_playoff/download/
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