1on1 Summer League 2011 Group Stage
Today we are proud to present you the details about the 1on1 Summer League 2011 Group Stage. This included the seeded groups, the map selection process, the map pool (complete with 3 custom maps) and when the matches have to be finished.


First of all we present you the schedule of 1on1 Summer League 2011:

When? What? Done?
12.07. Announcement News
24.07. Signup Cup
29.07. Group Stage Pots News
01.08. Group Stage News
07.08. Group Stage
15.08. Playoff News
21.08. Playoff Cup Part I
28.08. Playoff Cup Part II
05.09. Winner News


The groups have been seeded:

Group A Group B Group C Group D
Dark Riku Spirit xHoLyHammerx VindicareX
FuFuHunt3r el alcazar Wurgl Hase
DarkAngel FaceCommander FaHu Iconoclast
Belak Lorddodon xRed Chalji
Group E Group F Group G Group H
Paradox Soom mercykil1er JamusMcgamuS
oOoSWAT858oOo Tyranidterror ekspo Bloodra1N
AusterRiese LittleBelchonok Bizzie epra
Shockwave AZ Thorax Adila

Match Dates

The dates of the matches - Sunday, 07/08/11, starting with 17:00 CEST for round 1, 18:15 CEST for round 2 and 19:30 CEST for round 3 - are just suggestions and not compulsory. It is up to the two players of each match to decide on a different date if the suggested date doesn't work. We scheduled the playoff news for the 15th of August, so the absolute deadline for all group stage matches is Monday, 15/08/11 20:00 CEST - matches that are not done by then will be handled with as required.

Keep in mind that every player has to play each other player in his group once, which mean that every player has to play 3 Best-of-Three matches within roughly 2 weeks. So start talking to your opponents as soon as possible and finish your matches in time!

Map Selection Process

For the map selection process we will use loser's choice modus together with map selection with veto. In the group stage all matches have to be played as Best-of-Threes.

Map Pool

The map pool for both the group stage and the following playoff cup consists of the following 9 maps:

  • Calderis Refinery
  • Fedrid Folly*
  • Infected Hive*
  • Jarilo's Forge*
  • Judgement of Carrion
  • Outer Reaches
  • Quests Heresy
  • Siwal Frontier
  • Green Tooth Gorge
*Fedrid Folly, Infected Hive and Jarilo's Forge are custom maps and part of the ESL Dawn of War II: Retribution Custom Map Pack

ESL Dawn of War II: Retribution Custom Map Pack

ESL Dawn of War II: Retribution Custom Map Pack consists of the following maps:

1on1 Maps

Name Author Minimap
Calderis River brcasius
Craftworld The Emp
Fedrid Folly London Duncan
Infected Hive The Emp
Jarilo's Forge London Duncan
Small White Walls London Duncan


Just extract "esldow2rcustommappack.sga" to "\dawn of war ii - retribution\GameAssets\Mods" to install it. If the folder does not exist: just create it.

Good luck and have fun!

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Imbaer, Monday, 01/08/11 01:54
1on1 Summer League 2011 Group Stage
ESL Dawn of War II: Retribution Custom Map Pack
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