3on3 Epic Grimdark Cup
The last 3on3 cup is months ago, so we thought that we could give it a try. 3on3 means lots of epic fighting in the grimdark warhammer 40.000 universe. In order to celebrate that we present you the 3on3 Epic Grimdark Cup today.

Cup Details

Here the details for 3on3 Epic Grimdark Cup:

3on3 Epic Grimdark Cup
Restrictions Every player in the team that actually plays in the match(es) has to have an entered DoW 2 Windows Live gameaccount
At least 3 players have to be in your ESL team
Information Cup Mode: Single Elimination
Team Slots:16
Game Mode: 3v3
Match Mode: bo3
Map Selection: Each team picks a homemap. If the score is 1:1 after both maps have been played the decider map gets played.
Start Date: Sat, 27/11/10 16:00 CEST
Time/Round: 1.5 Hours
Checkin: From 30 minutes until 20 minutes before the cup starts
  • Argus Desert Gate
  • Capital Spire
  • Siccaris Plateau
  • Typhoon Arena
  • Calderis Refinery
  • Angel Gate
  • Judgement of Carrion
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Good luck and have fun!

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Your Admin Team
Imbaer, Monday, 22/11/10 20:04
3on3 Epic Grimdark Cup
comments (6)
Why is the check in time so small?!

We'll be sure to make it, though.
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VindicareX wrote:
Why is the check in time so small?!

We'll be sure to make it, though.

If you miss the checkin you get removed from the cup by the system, but you can sign up again after the checkin ended until the cup starts as long as there are still free slots left (which shouldn't be a problem). So the primary reason for checkin in the case of DoW2 is to prevent as much defwins in the first round as possible.
WNx will be entering a team today or tomorrow.
If anyone is interested in playing but has no team, please feel free to enter mine ( http://www.esl.eu/eu/dow2/play/#/eu/dow2/team/5471740/ ), as we currently need more members in order to participate in anything, really.
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Hope it will be a great & funny cup :)
add us PLZ!!!
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