1on1 L2P Cup II
A couple of weeks ago 1on1 L2P Cup I ended. We think that the idea of hosting a cup for mentees of the L2P project and other "new" players alike can't be that bad. Therefore we are proud to announce 1on1 L2P Cup II. This time the whole cup will be played on a single day though.

Cup Details

Here the details for 1on1 L2P Cup II:

1on1 L2P Cup II
Restrictions Entered DoW 2 Windows Live gameaccount
Being a "new" player / mentee of the L2P project (We won't check this restriction, but please don't sign up if you know that the cup would be a cake-walk for you)
Information Cup Mode: Single Elimination
Playerslots: 32
Teamsize: 1v1
Match Mode: bo3
Map Selection: Each player picks a homemap. If the score is 1:1 after both maps have been played the decider map gets played.
Start Date: Saturday, 13/11/10 16:00 CET
Time/Round: 1 Hour
Checkin: From 30 minutes until 20 minutes before the cup starts
  • Green Tooth Jungle
  • Siwal Frontier
  • Green Tooth Gorge
  • Calderis Refinery
  • Legis High Stratum
  • Leviathan Hive
  • Outer Reaches
  • Quests Heresy
  • Ice Station Obelis
  • Judgement of Carrion
Signup Sign up here!

Good luck and have fun!

Your Admin Team
Imbaer, Wednesday, 03/11/10 17:33
comments (3)
I hope this has a steam anouncement too.

what do i put in the 'value' section to add DoW to my gameaccounts ?
The value should be your gfwl ID used in esl matches.
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