The 2on2 Summer Cheerio Cup Series
The last time a 2on2 Cup took places was in May, so its about time for a new Cup. Also summer is nearly over, so this time it will more than a simple Cup. Starting with Sunday next week there will be 4 Qualifier Cups and a Playoff Cup in which the top two team of each Qualifier Cup fight for the victory.

The Qualifier Cups

Here the details for the Qualifier Cups:

2on2 Summer Cheerio Cup Series
Restrictions Exactly 2 players have to be in the team
Both players entered their DoW 2 Windows Live gameaccount
The team has to have a teamlogo
The team has to have a shorthandle
Information Mode: Single Elimination
Teamslots: 8 (If enough teams sign up the size will be increased!)
Teamsize: 2v2
Match Mode: bo3
Map Selection: Each team picks a homemap. If the score is 1:1 after both maps have been played the decider map gets played. Every map may only be played once, so the decider map can not be picked as homemap.
Time/Round: 1 Hour
  • Medean Cliff Mines
  • Ruins of Argus
  • Calderis Refinery
  • Golgotha Depths
  • Hydris Chasm
  • Desert Showdown
  • udgement of Carrion
  • Selenon Fissure
Cup Start Date Signup
Qualifier Cup I Sunday, 19/09/10 17:00 CET Signup closed
Qualifier Cup II Sunday, 26/09/10 17:00 CET Signup closed
Qualifier Cup III Sunday, 03/10/10 17:00 CET Signup closed
Qualifier Cup IV Sunday, 10/10/10 17:00 CET Signup closed

The Playoff Cup

The Playoff Cup will be played on Sunday, 17/10/10 17:00 CET. The top 2 teams of each Qualifier Cup get a spot in the Playoff cup, so it is going to be a Cup with 8 teams just like the Qualifier Cups. To make a difference between the first and the second place of the Qualifier Cups each team that won their respective Qualifier Cup will be seeded against the second place of a different Qualifier Cup.

Your Admin Team
Imbaer, Sunday, 26/09/10 18:34
2on2 Summer Cheerio Cup Series Qualifier Cup I
2on2 Summer Cheerio Cup Series Qualifier Cup II
2on2 Summer Cheerio Cup Series Qualifier Cup III
2on2 Summer Cheerio Cup Series Qualifier Cup IV
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Sunday the 12th or 19th?
The first Qualifier Cup is on Sunday the 19th.
YEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee babe!!!! =*
Summer? Epic fail
In Europe it's still summer
Bloodra1N wrote:
Summer? Epic fail

Actually you failed:
2 edits
hm, google failed. it doesn't display that cheerio means "goodbye". thx, will be know :)
I hope double heroes still not allowed.
Like double heroes would be effective ...
I think Palad wanted to say that its fucking boring to play vs double ChaosLord or baserape by double Warboss
Double heroes are still not allowed.
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