3on3 Epic Grimdark Cup II - The Winners
Today 5 teams participated in 3on3 Epic Grimdark Cup II. After some fierce matches the winner was decided. In this news present you the top 3 teams.

The Final Matches

In the Grand Finale Russian universe of Warhammer was able to beat MortisAngelus with 2:0:

Sunday, 08/08/10 20:45
Status: closed

  MortisAngelus (#2) [0:2]  Russian univers.. (#1)

In the Small Finale Yellow Fever feat White Tiger won 2:0 versus Warrior Nation DoW 2:

Sunday, 08/08/10 20:45
Status: closed

  Yellow Fever fe.. (#3) [2:0]  Warrior Nation .. (#4)

The Winners

So in the end the top 3 of the cup consists of the following teams:

Rank Team
1st Russian universe of Warhammer
2nd MortisAngelus
3rd Yellow Fever feat White Tiger

Of course each of those teams have earned an respective entry in our Hall of Fame.


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Your Admin Team
Imbaer, Saturday, 08/01/11 22:16
3on3 Epic Grimdark Cup II
Hall of Fame
comments (4)
last final game was funny :D
at argus? that ending was priceless... D cannons ftw=D also enjoyed the sniper spam by palad... tough to beat but we will be rdy for it next time around
1 edits
2 games were not enough for us to come up with a working counter to theese rangers but we are working on it ;)
im really surprised FuFu that u didnt go stikkbombers to counter the spam...especially on angel gate
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