Toxic Beat ToT in tight final
3 Seasons of the ESL major series, and no team has yet to hold onto the crown, last year's winners lost 3:1 in an almost exact reproduction of the winner's final.

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Congratulations to Toxic on winning the 500€ prize money!

Some Nice Friendly comments were made

Horde said:
GG guys, nice war.
Wp Iknowlifeill. Though I would have preferred it if there had been just a few less flayed ones involved in our match >:p

epIx said:
Really gg^^ never saw some awesome anti Tau with eldar like this :)
it confirms my first thought again
-> well played eldar > all

gg, thx 4 war

Hopefully we'll be able to see these guys fighting out Season IV in dow2!
bogger, Monday, 23/02/09 19:51
EMS Season III DoW Playoffs
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Hell, yeah motherfucker!
Remake EMS in DoW2 so that I can play all 1v1s :P I'll 3:0 everyone!
mmmh Santi, at least if i won`t take part in next ems season then yes

otherwise my beard > u!
WoW... Tokreal do you realise what you are saying? Think about it and apolagize later!
gratz TOXiC ! :)
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