Friendly Pups vs. Bezirksbefruchter
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 Friendly Pups
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MatchID 14272599
Date Monday, 20/07/09 18:00
Calculated 10/08/09 15:31
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1on1:  Shrine of Excellion, <tba><tba>
Febreeze 2 : 0 PUNKT.phoenix.PUNKT
1on1:  Shrine of Excellion, <tba><tba>
Thrasher5 2 : 1 DA_MOSCHA
1on1:  Shrine of Excellion, <tba><tba>
priestCAT 0 : 2 SHAMEONYOU
2on2:  Van de Mar Mountains, <tba><tba>
Febreeze, Ninjabutter 2 : 1 PUNKT.phoenix.PUNKT, SHAMEONYOU
2on2:  Van de Mar Mountains, <tba><tba>
garm, Mercurial_Harmony 0 : 2 wizzKO, DA_MOSCHA
Friendly Pups wins !
FP 3 : 2 [BB]
Points +3 : +2
30/07/09 11:46
747 kB, 30/07/09 11:46, by DA_MOSCHA ([BB])
30/07/09 11:46
745 kB, 30/07/09 11:46, by DA_MOSCHA ([BB])
24/07/09 14:42
2v2 #1*
1.1 MB, 24/07/09 14:42, by Febreeze (FP)
24/07/09 14:43
2v2 #2*
1.1 MB, 24/07/09 14:43, by Febreeze (FP)
24/07/09 14:43
2v2 #3*
1.1 MB, 24/07/09 14:43, by Febreeze (FP)
26/07/09 21:13
Round 1*
782 kB, 26/07/09 21:13, by LiqUiD ([BB])
24/07/09 14:41
Round 1*
1.0 MB, 24/07/09 14:41, by Febreeze (FP)
24/07/09 14:42
Round 2*
1.0 MB, 24/07/09 14:42, by Febreeze (FP)
26/07/09 21:13
Round 2*
781 kB, 26/07/09 21:13, by LiqUiD ([BB])
24/07/09 14:46
Round 1*
256 kB, 24/07/09 14:46, by Febreeze (FP)
24/07/09 14:46
Round 1*
492 kB, 24/07/09 14:46, by Febreeze (FP)
26/07/09 21:13
206 kB, 26/07/09 21:13, by LiqUiD ([BB])
* No longer available
28/07/09 11:12
results so far
Febreeze 2 : 0 PUNKT.phoenix.PUNKT

Thrasher5 : DA_MOSCHA

priestCAT 0 : 2 SHAMEONYOU

Febreeze, Ninjabutter 2 : 1 PUNKT.phoenix.PUNKT, SHAMEONYOU

garm, Mercurial_Harmony : wizzKO, DA_MOSCHA
comments (52)
Lineup "Friendly Pups" incomplete
DEF WIN!!111
eerrrrr would be ok if we play the 2on2 and 1on1 before weekend.
LOl. i want to play the matches.,.. we need ure lign up
gah my orga was away while i was away... Can't enter the lineup, admin please enter this:
1v1: Febreeze/Thrasher5/priestCAT 2v2: Mercurial_Harmony+garm/Ninjabutter+Febreeze

I'm available to play 1v1 between 4:00 CEST Thursday and 14:00 CEST Friday, that is it.
For 2v2, we're available 0:00 CEST to 12:00 CEST Friday.

Sorry for late lineup+availability, this week is a turd.
CEST = CET -6?

id like to play my 1on1 on sunday evening.. something like 2000 CET..
CEST=central european summer time, ie ESL time. Its at the top of the page.
im okay with playing the 2on2 @1200 friday.
I can play pretty much anytime, just say when guys

My name is Derek and I am a scorpio. I enjoy long walks on the beach, and plenty of "just friends" spooning. My favorite color is Rorange, and I don't like things that bounce. If I could be anyone for a day it would be superman, because he can fly; it would be kind of cool to fly. (plus wolverine's only real power is a healing factor, and I know that people couldn't hurt me if I could fly...)

I would like to play a game of Dawn of War Soulstorm at (All times CEST)

Thursday 1pm - Friday 10am
Friday 5pm - Friday 9pm
Saturday 3pm - Sunday 10 am

"If only we could replace every bad thought with a happy one imagine the world we could create."

~Rainbow Bright
Well, I can play from 7 - 11 CEST most days except wednesday i think..
yo trasher.. could be a problem to play the games from 7-11 cet, because its quite early in the morning and as far as i know mosha has still school.
Hi there, I'll play on Sunday at 20:00 CET then for the 1v1 ;)
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Febreeze, when do u have time?
pls in CET !
( give me SOME dates )
1on1 friday at 14:00 CESt
@PUNKT Im not available then... I can only play until 12:00 CEST friday, which is when Shame wants to play the 2v2. I might be able to play immediately after that, but before would be better.
well i could maybe do 23-2 CEST on a (i think for you) friday and saturday night..
sorry thats much tooo earlie..
so after the game
meet in GoV in 15 mins? 11:45 CEST atm
ok we are in GoV now.
i am in gov now! i wait 4 u

shameonyou is there too :)
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gg's guys
1st 2v2 - 2-1 for Ninjabutter/Febreeze (FP)
1st 1v1 - 2-0 for Febreeze (FP)
fönix du noob xD
Are you able to play the 1on1 sunday?
I think your sunday night would be my monday morning so no...
for me would midday oke, too. 12 CET?
I could probably do that...so 12 CEST tomorow?
sunday. yes.
i thought today....

2on2? do u have time today?
2 edits
sorry DA_MOSCHA, it's too late for me to play I got uni tomorrow so I can't play any time tonight and either can Mercurial Harmony, you guys took too long to post when you could play
heyho i got to bring my grandma back home. i try to back 2030..
k 20:30
my father brings my grandma. we can play now. im in GoV
Okay, i was just eating because you said that comment earlier, in 5-10 mins plz
2:0 gg.
gg man sry i didn't rly try 2nd round, but i mean, eld > ig yes? I still don't believe so, for I had the same chance winning as you did in 1st round ^^
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lol np.
on oR elf > ig i guess tho i always lose that map
n1 :)
uhm, now?
Guess not then, Dont know when we can play then :/

Have to be next weekend probably.
saturday morning i will fly to greek...
aha, um ok, can you make 11 or 12 CEST any days this week?
i think tomorrow i will have time...11 CET?
OK, lets try that, where are we going to meet?

we have to play the 2on2 tomorrow, because saturday i'm not in germany anymore.
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2:1 for thrasher5 gg wp.
Super estatic at the moment!
Great games vs DA_MOSCHA.
Still to sort out reps though.
I forgot to say may the best man win before the match :P
What bout the missing 2on2?
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