Focus on Gaming vs. In memory of diamondZ.DoW
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 Focus on Gaming
 In memory of diamondZ.DoW
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MatchID 10917641
Date Wednesday, 15/10/08 18:00
Calculated 01/11/08 17:19
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1on1:  Blood river, <tba><tba>
Spirit 0 : 2 NesC9fE
1on1:  Blood river, <tba><tba>
mallegalle 0 : 2 Dr.Ork
1on1:  Blood river, <tba><tba>
el alcazar 2 : 0 eXXe
2on2:  Saints Square, <tba><tba>
noGecko, mallegalle 1 : 2 Dr.Ork, NesC9fE
2on2:  Saints Square, <tba><tba>
Spirit, el alcazar 2 : 1 wiz, eXXe
In memory of diamondZ.DoW wins !
FoG 2 : 3 dmZ
Points +2 : +3
18/11/08 22:20
2on2 Round 1*
499 kB, 18/11/08 22:20, by el alcazar (FoG)
18/11/08 22:20
2on2 Round 2*
500 kB, 18/11/08 22:20, by el alcazar (FoG)
18/11/08 22:20
2on2 Round 3*
501 kB, 18/11/08 22:20, by el alcazar (FoG)
20/10/08 20:58
Round 1*
748 kB, 20/10/08 20:58, by p x L' (dmZ)
20/10/08 21:45
Round 2*
749 kB, 20/10/08 21:45, by p x L' (dmZ)
15/10/08 19:26
536 kB, 15/10/08 19:26, by NesC9fE (dmZ)
20/10/08 20:48
543 kB, 20/10/08 20:48, by NesC9fE (dmZ)
15/10/08 19:26
536 kB, 15/10/08 19:26, by NesC9fE (dmZ)
20/10/08 20:48
540 kB, 20/10/08 20:48, by NesC9fE (dmZ)
20/10/08 20:48
543 kB, 20/10/08 20:48, by NesC9fE (dmZ)
18/11/08 22:03
2on2 Replays*
553 kB, 18/11/08 22:03, by el alcazar (FoG)
20/10/08 19:41
Round 1*
157 kB, 20/10/08 19:41, by p x L' (dmZ)
15/10/08 19:25
Round 1*
305 kB, 15/10/08 19:25, by Spirit (FoG)
15/10/08 19:26
246 kB, 15/10/08 19:26, by NesC9fE (dmZ)
20/10/08 20:48
500 kB, 20/10/08 20:48, by NesC9fE (dmZ)
* No longer available
Focus on Gaming
18/11/08 21:32
a little final
A lot poeple waited a long time for this encounter.
With some new members dmZ has a little andvantage. But we will try to show them, that even de biggest underdog can stand up against the favourite.
We have some members, who are espially motivated, to win there matches, because they have chance get some payback for, in the past, lost matches.
And we are also motivated, because we are hot for the first places and if we can beet dmZ we get a step closer for this goal.
But enough smalltalk, lets see who is the biggest waaaghboss.

Spirit 0 : 2 NesC9fE
mallegalle 0 : 2 Dr.Ork
el alcazar 2 : 0 eXXe defwin
noGecko, mallegalle 1 : 2 Dr.Ork, NesC9fE
Spirit, el alcazar 2 : 1 wiz, eXXe WC by dmZ


FoG 2(5) : 3(7)
results//epic PMR =)
Spirit : NesC9fE = 0:2
mallegalle : Dr.Ork = 0:2
el alcazar : eXXe = defwin
noGecko, mallegalle : Dr.Ork, NesC9fE = 1:2
Spirit, el alcazar : wiz, eXXe = WC dmZ


Greez at the Focused Gamers and all who disport their time with this

wonderfull PMR(=> shorthandle for Prematch Report btw...)!!

The Clanleage is currently running quite bad for us, our target, using the CL for

EMS training was a complete flop.

I dont have to tell names in this PMR (luv this shorthandle^.^), cuz this aint

things the whole world needs to know. Some other are playing quite well, like the

interested audience already knows.

Now im coming to the true content of this PMR (<3), the war vs FoG. They did a

good job in the past and really diserve it to play in first Div. now. Like you

already know, we arent the most active squad which is currently playing this

incredible game...thus the war is quite open with a little advantage on our side.
I dont want to make any assumption about the result, because it brings you either

in trouble, because some people who think they MUST publish their great oppinion

of god 'n the whole rest of the world (#NOT!) or your right...

No i have to say sorry to all my fans who are waiting for a epic PMR (xD), but i

really need some nicotin now and i want to have this finished now:P

wiz: Can i send some regards?
bogger: Sure you can:)
wiz: Thank you! Hey honey i love you so much, mb you marry me? :>


GL @ all G A M E R S
comments (63)
gl guys:)
we dont need luck guys ;) but hf to all
FUN comes 1#!!!!!
FoG ftw ! :)

gl hf ^^
1 edits
n1ce report alci;)

gogo fog !!^^

hf&gl for all gamers :>
yo gl hf, beat the dope! :P
wiz i wait for a epic prereport

bring it on
its online 8)

gggl guys;)
can hardly find anything epic in this pre report ^^
gö hf both teams, gogo FoG! I cheer for u!
<3<3<3 i know sin <3 dmZ xD xD
@ Ark <3<3<3
No i have to say sorry to all my fans who are waiting for a epic PMR (xD), but i really need some nicotin now and i want to have this finished now:P
Spirit when do you have time
eXXe i would prefer playing saturday or sunday

i think spirit has time to play at saturday evening or sunday

the same goes then for our 2on2
spirit vs NesC9fE 2:0 for nessi gg wp i dropped in the first round thats why there are three reps to watch/download.
Dr.Ork, NesC9fE when can we play?
today, anyday, just ask via icq im sure well find a good time
One of the interesting Clan War in this Division.
I am very curios about the result.
gl hf to both of you.
hey wiz&exxe when do you want to play the 2on2 games?
malle when we play ? I got no time @ we but sunday
eXXe, wiz how about some reaction?
sunday evening sounds good for 2n2.
ok sunday evening for 2on2

how about 1on1 eXXe
after 2on2?
1 edits
hm ok
sunday sounds good maybe 16:oo ?
ok for me, eXXe will write if he can play soon, but should be np.
omfg lol xD i tought the 16:00 was based of the 2on2, forget my last post:P

2on2 just sunday evening^^
@ork is sunday ok for the 1on1 ? at 16:oo
Dr.Ork, NesC9fE whats up?!
pls answear!!!
when can we play the match...?
spirit and I are now avaible to play
I could play @ 19:00 today
1 edits
-,- sry i have go to work at 18:oo
wiz, exxe are you there?

plz say if you are ready
1 edits
i only will play until 21.00

so be in time

i have no time to play monday and thuesday because i have schoolproject until 16:00 and after this i have to do homework and go to firebrigade
i can play today aswell
a little bit late dont you think

Ork and nescafe, just write in when you can play monday and tuesday, so that they know when they can play against you
malle i hope ur not working tomorrow me and ork are not able to play before 18.00 so i guess we have to do it between 18.00 -21.00 monday
Erm guys what about our 2on2 >.> ..........
so i think we waited long enough

spirit and me are ofline now

if you want take wildcards for the matches

if not

i think its defwin for us
and when i work on monday what then ? we waited whole weekend of you -,-
@ ork i have time to play today how about at 19:oo ?
whats now with our 2on2? oO
yo now gov
2:0 for me gg
1 edits
mallegalle, noGecko 1 : 2 Dr.Ork, NesC9fE

schade das man nur mit seraphintrupps gewinnen kann :(
(flame muss sein^^)
fims haben das spiel mal 0 entschieden, davon mal ab sind sie weder gegen ork noch gegen tau sonderlich stark :D
watch report, all information is in it. sry for defwin, but war is already over and everthing else would be to much effort for it cus i cant connect exxe.
lol ja seraphim sind ja auch so fies wenn man tau bzw ork spielt xD
hmm irgendwie sind sie das schon >.>

Grad wenn man sich auf ne bestimmte tacke eingestellt hat >.> ^^
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stop talking german crap
Hi all,

current result and wildcard entered.
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