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VERSUS back in Dota 2
In the past we had some funny Versus Seasons, until Dota 2 got removed of Versus due to inactivity. Now it's back for one week, so don't waste any time and get to the Top, as long as you can. We will use the same rules as in the past. And now start to queue.

VERSUS Schedule

VERSUS Schedule is a weekly program of several daily actions within VERSUS. This is a great opportunity for you to enjoy more variety in VERSUS as well as for all fans of smaller games to see their favorite game featured for one day with a lot of interested players participating. Furthermore we will activate an XP Boost for the respective VERSUS game of the day.

First of all, the day in VERSUS will be a BO1 only. The player mode is one-vs-one. The more matches are played, the bigger the chance of getting Dota 2 back to Versus permanently!

Dota 2 Match Informations

Every match will be BO1, Radiant random pick, Dire pick same hero, Radiant buy the 4x Clarity(50g) and destroy or use in our base immediately at start game

Rule set:

3 kills or destroy tier 2 towers Settings: No runes, no neutrals, Bottle crow is NOT allowed.

The more matches, the better!
Fightcamp, Monday, 25/11/13 17:54
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