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Dota 2 Easter Cup Coverage
As some of you may already know, the ESL Dota 2 Section launches the very first Dota 2 Cup this Thursday, 17:00 CET. If this was not good enough, the staff from DotaLive.net, in this case the casters Capitalist, chappy and hari, will join us and cast all the games they can get!
Dotalive.net will make a coverage of the upcoming Dota 2 Cup, in which you can win, besides shiny awards and Premium, five, nice, good looking T-Shirts for the winning Team!

I hope you will enjoy the casts and if you did not hear yet of the Cup and want to sign up with your team, it is not too late!


And do not forget to join our Steam group, if you are a Dota 2 player, or want to catch some beta keys ; ).

Good luck and have fun!
phil982, Monday, 02/04/12 22:56
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nice :)
Nice ... anyone searching a Team? Prefered german! We are already like 4-5.
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stream link? :)
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