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Todays Quick Cup # 2 with Stream and Prizes
Guys, we got some good news for you! The ESL Dota 2 Quick Cup # 2 which is starting today at 17:00 CET is getting streamed by
ESL TV Stream DotaLive.net
That means we are making an event out of our small weekly Cup.

And what does an event need apart from a stream? ... Yes, right! Prizes! And that's why the victorious team of our ESL Dota 2 Quick Cup # 2 will get exclusive ESL Premium Keys!

Just to remind you: The registration is still open until 16:30 CET. So get your team here and fight for win.


Beginners guide to sign up:

Register on ESL

Enter a Steam ID

Enter a contact method (MSN, Skype, IRC, etc.) 

Go to your team site

click on "create a new team and enter a name

Click the sign up link!


Don't forget to join our Steamgroup for easier communication and to stay up to date with upcoming events and cups.

Your Admin Team
Somax, Sunday, 06/05/12 13:34
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yeah nice one :)
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