5on5 - Ancients Guard #3
This Sunday we're going to start a new cup, the Ancients Guard. This cup is a cup for all DotA players who like to play a cup this weekend. The goal is simple, to win! This cup will be played after the rules of the 5v5 ESL Ladder.

Defence of the Ancients 5on5 - Ancients Guard #3

Cup Start: 27.03.2011 - 18:00 CET
Check in Needed: Check in 17:40 - 18:00 CET to take part.
Mode: 5on5
Cupsize: max. 32 slots
Matchdates: round rhythm 60 mins / single elimination
The winners will be added to our Hall of Fame
Server: Europe
IRC: #esl.dota (QuakeNet)
Map: DotA v6.71b
WC3 Patch: Latest Patch
Game Options:
Game-Name: e.g. "ESL: TeamA vs TeamB"

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// Your Admin Team
NachtkindFX, Tuesday, 22/03/11 10:47
Hall of Fame
comments (7)
yea ^.^
if the eternal darkness loose, they will make a protest cuz of mh...all care pls
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Why sunday and not saturday?
gepard -.-
The winners will be added to our Hall of Fame
i dont see any updates=))
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When will be generated the matchs ?
Close this cup please
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