5on5 - Ancients Guard #1
This Saturday we're going to start a new cup, the Ancients Guard. This cup is a cup for all DotA players who like to play a cup this weekend. The goal is simple, to win! This cup will be played after the rules of the 5v5 ESL Ladder.

Defence of the Ancients 5on5 - Ancients Guard #1

Cup Start: 12.03.2011 - 19:00 CET
Check in Needed: Check in 18:40 - 19:00 CET to take part.
Mode: 5on5
Cupsize: max. 32 slots
Matchdates: round rhythm 60 mins / single elimination
Server: Europe
IRC: #esl.dota (QuakeNet)
Map: DotA v6.71b
Game Options:
Game-Name: e.g. "ESL: TeamA vs TeamB"

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// Your Admin Team
NachtkindFX, Thursday, 10/03/11 22:14
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as i allready wrote: i dont like the saturday :)
but gl & hf the participants!!
The server is meant to be Europe, but I suppose most of the matches will be played on Garena, right?
dota isnt dead? :O
...dota > lol, hon and other shitty fakes of dota
But still, Garena > Bnet, so its gonna be played on garena, isnt it?
Es gibt weder nen Preisgeld noch nen angebrachten Informationsfluss(lediglich ne Email)... Sowas schimpft die größte europäische Esportliga. Wenn ihr wirklich in dota2 mit der dota-league konkurieren wollt, solltet ihr langsam mal aktiver werden und nicht son Schrott organisieren.
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#7 become an admin and change all those thinks you want to change :D
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I wouldn't say Garena > BNet in general... always depends on host. At least finding the game itself is easier on BNet deu to less joinbugs
and now that we registered and check in we w8 ?
Congratz to SoS winning the Tournament
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