Need good (!) 2on2/3on3 Mate(s)
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Welcum everybody, I hope you find it well and winning to read this.

I myself have completed around 3 000 Dota Games, and have been playing in Division 2 of Dotaleague (With Div1 Section of my former Clan who sadly disbanded, aswell) and am now searching for suitable Mate(s) to nerd some 2on2, and possibly also certain 3on3 Games, in addition to the casual 5on5 Games that we all love to play.

What I expect of you is some certain amount of Skill*, but not much. What`s way more important is that you bring time and Effort to achieve the sufficient Skill to play with me (don`t worry, you`ll be given plenty of training if necessary). Note that if you achieve high Skill you will be also more attractive for clans or will be winning more Games in casual 5on5 inhouses/Leagues, aswell. However, I aim to not lose more than around one Game out of 20 Games played, so be prepared to train/learn a lot if you are not skilled enough for that yet.

Important notice: I plan to begin playing the 2on2 (and maybe some 3on3) Games with you at around the End of 2k9/Begin of 2k10 so you have plenty of Time to practise or to record amazing Replays to send me. Of course, you can also send me Replays of older Versions of WCIII if you have already played nice Games.

*Skill for me is when you are not only slightly better at basic things that everyone does like lasthitting or animation cancelling, but have also further Skills like microing multiple units, or a more intelligent playstyle than casual public Gamers. This also includes testing out newer maps before their release in order to be prepared for them. As you may somewhat sense from my (I admit rather hastily written) description of Skill, you may need to consider that bringing in time and Effort alone may not be enough to play with me (and win a lot), but you need also a Quantum of Talent besides it.

That`s it for now, you can email me at ice_climber@ymail.com, the email address from my profile, or contat me over MSN z.era@ymail.com but do not contact me on ICQ because I currently do not use it.
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