What does the information at Info/Details mean?

Each league and every tournament has an info-page, that contains the most important information. This includes:


Ladder: A never-ending ranking list, that can be entered at any time. It can also be left again at any time. The matches are not pre-determined, the participants choose their opponents themselves and challenge them to a match.

Premiership: There exists a fixed amount of teams with a fixed repertoire. Each participant plays the other according to a fixed and previously generated repertoire. This system forms a season with a beginning and an end.

Cup: A classic tournament with a tree structure. The start-off fixtures are determined (randomly or per settlement / seeding), all the following games result from the first games' outcomes. A differentiation is made between "single elimination" and "double elimination". In "single elimination" a player or team drops out of the tournament after one lost game, in "double elimination" the player or team drops out of the tournament after two lost games.

In team leagues, teams often have to have a minimum number of members before they can register as a team. The same may count for the maximum amount of players, as e.g. with 2on2 teams that are allowed to consist of two players only.

Match moving
Is a match allowed to be adjourned / moved? And if so, where to? The first time data states how long before the originally fixed date and time a match is allowed to take place, the second states how long after the originally fixed date and time.

Example: 2 days « » 1 day, if the challenge is fixed for the 20.03., the match may only take place between the 18.03. and the 21.03. In ladders, the match is usually allowed to take place two weeks before and four weeks after the original challenging date.

Cancellation of a match
Is a match allowed to be cancelled / deleted? In ladders, this is usually allowed, in premierships and cups this is usually not allowed.

Close challenges
When a challenged opponent does not react to a challenge, the challenge is deleted after the amount of time shown. If the challenge is an coercive, penalty points are, of course, given.

Auto confirm
Every result must be confirmed by both teams. If one participant does not confirm, the match is automatically closed. The auto confirm field tells you, when this happens.

Auto-Away / -Kick
In order to avoid nominal members, inactive members are removed / kicked from the ladder after a certain amount of time. Before this happens, they are marked as "away" in order to show that this player has not taken part in a match for X days.

If you rejoin a ladder (after being autokicked) and you do not show any activity you get kicked after the away period. Being kicked before the autokick period also counts for ladders where a mandatory auto challenger is active. Here you get kicked after four non rated mandatory matches in a row.

Protest period
If a match is closed, both participants have the given time in which they may file a complaint.

All dates available for the auto-challenger. Further information on the auto-challenger is to be found in a separate FAQ text at How does the auto-challenger work?

Each week a team or player has the opportunity of ascending from a ladder to the according ESL Amateur Series, if one exists. Every Thursday at 8:00 a.m. the No.1 of the ladder gets the opportunity of activating the Premium Account for free for a period of three months. He then has the possibility of entering the EAS. (Further information on EAS).

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