New Anti-cheat policy #1: Script reform
You probably noticed our last changes related to reform 66 tickrate, changes in rules and so on. We don't want to stop and therefore we will proceed towards our last changes before the start of the Autumn League 2011. That's something you expected from us a long time – a more effective way to deal with cheaters, scripters and unfair players. And now it's time to bring new Anti-cheat policy. Here's its first part - script reform.


Last major changes related to script reform was in October 2009. Administration of ESL brought new rules saying that any binds or aliases that bring unfair advantage are forbidden. It’s sad that even after almost two years people are still having forbidden scripts in their configs.

Because of this fact we realized that there's no other way except making the punishments harder. The community deserves to play their matches in fair conditions. And if our rule isn't working in a proper way we must change it in order to make people follow the rules.

New punishment

First of all there're no changes in definition of the scripts. We just reworked it a bit in order to make the rule more self-explaining.

Any binds or aliases which change the original movement of the game, speed up progresses of the game or change any cvars in order to gain an advantage over the opponent are forbidden. Simple binds or aliases to change maps or scripts which don’t give an advantage while being in game are allowed.

Punishment for violation of this rule will be as following.

If a player violated the script rule he will receive 6 penalty points AND a barrage starting from 1 month up to 6 months (depends on seriousness of script). His team will also receive 6 penalty points. This violation will lead to immediate deleting of the match (in ladder case) or default loss (in cup/season match).

We won't accept any excuses like: "I used my cfg already for 3 years, I never changed it, and there were no problems in the past".

When changes will take effect?

Changes will take effect from 3 October of 2011. So you have time to check your config and configs of your mates in order to make them clean.

What's next?

After part one it's expected that we will announce part two. We don’t want to hide it anymore. We will bring DBlocker in order to make ESL matches clean from game based possibilities to gain unfair advantage. Developer of DBlocker - Didrole helped us a lot to tune his plugin for some ESL purposes. And we very appreciate his efforts. Our players will be satisfied in safety of ESL matches very soon.

Stay tuned! News about DBlocker will be published in next few days and after that we can start our Autumn League 2011.

Fair environment for your ESL matches is our first class priority!

Your Day of Defeat: Source Admin Team
Solo, Tuesday, 27/09/11 19:10
66 tickrate reform at ESL
ESL changes #2.1 - New config
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.EU only?
i hope not
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We will try to come an agreement with our colleagues in German section.
DBlock FTW f*** this shit
Yes, esl admins are so fair, they punished my players for having a bind to change rates from 66 to 100. Doh!
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