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It is impossible for the wants and needs of all our different users to be known ahead of time. Therefore, the existing approach of automatic and manually made bookmarks to produce a fully configurable menu on the right hand side is still in place. From "my next match" to direct links to gathers and teams.

How do I add a link to my bookmarks?

There are two possibilities to achieve that. The most vomfortable one can be done, if you already are on the exact site which you want to bookmark. In this case just click on "add bookmark" in the "My Bookmarks" section in the right side, add a new name for the site and a rank in your bookmarks list, and the link will appear in your menu.
A second possibility is to add the link through the easy to handle bookmark management menu, which you can reach thorugh the link edit in the "My Bookmarks" section.
Here you can choose from a selection of different usefull links (like your teams and your leagues), which you can add and sort by a few mouse clicks.

How do I delete a link from a bookmark?

You can do that in the bookmark management menu, which you can reach through the link edit in the "My Bookmarks" section.

My bookmarks are messy - how do I sort them?

Sorting can be done the "My Bookmarks" management menu, which you can reach by clicking the link edit in the "My Bookmarks" section.
Additionally, you can insert submenus there for enhanced clarity - for example the default submenus "My account", "My league"... or completely new ones. They will appear in the bookmarks as foldable bold links.

I've got a bookmark which links to this FAQ - but I didn't insert it!?

That's normal. This bookmark is generated for each user, who has not inserted an own bookmark, so that he can read up on how this feature works.
Whenever you insert a real bookmark yourself, the link to this tutorial will dissappear!

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