Spring League 2012: Qualicups
As it was stated in the announcement of Spring League 2012 we will have three qualifying cups. Three winners from each cup will take their place in the Premier division. Each cup will be hosted in the fastcup format at fixed days with two rounds per day.
Remember that in order to take part in QualiCups you have to pass through the main registration of the Spring League 2012, otherwise your signup will be rejected. The deadline for the main registration is the 20th March 23:59 CET. Please sign up as soon as possible otherwise admins may not be able to give you a suitable place in a certain division. Read our announcement.

But let us focus on the QualiCups. We strongly recommend you read what is written below in order to avoid any misunderstanding!

Spring QualiCups: Important info
  • Format: 6on6, single elimination, 16 teams
  • Timelimit: 2*15 minutes (download ESL config)
  • Channel in IRC: #esl.dod
  • Maps: will be announced in the matchsheets
  • Time restrictions:
    • Noshow time: 5 minutes.
    • Time for demo request: 4 minutes after the match.
    • Time to upload demo: 6 minutes after demo request.
    • Time for protest: up to 10 minutes before next round (example: if next round starts 21:50 then deadline for protest is 21:40). If the result is confirmed, you have no right to write a protest.
    • Time to upload screenshots (including Wire Anti-Cheat errors): 4 minutes after the match.
Given the fairly rapid pace of our Spring QualiCups, we will allow you to upload error screenshots of the Wire Anti-Cheat straight into the matchmedia. Remember that you won't be punished, only if there's no obvious fix in our FAQ's and forums. Keep in mind that the main time restrictions will be very tight. Your next opponent in the brackets may set a noshow for you if you didn't show up in time. Excuses like "my previous opponent has delayed the match, not me!" won't be taken in account.

Schedule for Spring QualiCups

1st QualiCup Signup (opens 11/03/12 19:00 CET)
Round 1 and 2 - 13th March 20 and 21 CET
Round 3 and 4 - 14th March 20 and 21 CET

2nd QualiCup Signup (opens 16/03/12 19:00 CET)
Round 1 and 2 - 18th March 20 and 21 CET
Round 3 and 4 - 20th March 20 and 21 CET

3rd QualiCup Signup (opens 19/03/12 19:00 CET)
Round 1 and 2 - 21th March 20 and 21 CET
Round 3 and 4 - 25 March 20 and 21 CET

If you need any support, just join on IRC (#esl.dod) or write a support ticket.

Your Day of Defeat: Source Admin Team

Solo, Sunday, 11/03/12 14:46
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The protest will be done DURING the match... weird.
So if a demo request was done (after the match), but the player don't want up his demo (he won't have penality in this case (like in autumn cup)), opening a protest become useless to claim the penality.

Ok, it's time to make a PROTEST PRESHOT. :)
It's something weird to open a protest just in order to penalize a team.
It's weird to not respect rules. :)
No doubts.
Therefore it's not weird if you don't respect rules you get a penality. (to get a punishement in ESL, a protest ticket must be opened).
Are you serious ?
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please delete those time "rules" if no1 respects them like on the nightcup and no penalty points are given out.
ghosteh wrote:
please delete those time "rules" if no1 respects them like on the nightcup and no penalty points are given out.

"Hi I'm ghosteh, I'm so funny"
and the spainish gay are not in the SPRING????? what is that
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