VERSUS back in action
As you probably noticed you are able to play DoD:S in VERSUS again since the last sunday. But that's not all, some of you asked if we can change the mode to 6on6 and we thought "yea why not, let's give it a shot". So here we go the mode will be changed to 6on6 during monday. And we'll start with an Admins vs. Community event. So on monday you are able to play against the European and German DoD:S Admin Staff.
You don't know what exactly VERSUS is? Here are all the information you need!

What is VERSUS?

It's a new kind of playing system where you just need two clicks to file a match. You can compare it with the gather system but with features like a personal ranking where everyone gets their own personal ranking for each game, even in team games it's totally different and much easier to use. Also features like skill balancing, a new point system for climbing up the ranking and the fact that ESL Wire Anti-Cheat is mandatory for each match offers a great type of playing.

How to play VS.?

Just click on the "PLAY VS." on the top of the page and pick Day of Defeat: Source 6vs6 from the list of games. Read the short ruleset by clicking on the button. Then you can add a voice or game server. Last step is clicking on "Search for match" and here you go!

Party system

From now on VERSUS' party system is permanently and fully enabled. It was planned as an integral part of VERSUS well in advance and is now available after being intensively developed during the recent weeks. Party allows you to play a VERSUS match with your friends in the same team.

How to creaty a party?

You'll find a button called "Create party" in your bottom userbar. With a single click the party is created and you can start inviting your friends with the displayed link.

When everybody has joined your party, you can click on "Play VS." to start the known VERSUS Play popup. Furthermore you also have the possibilities to kick players, delete and lock the party.

Your Day of Defeat: Source Admin Team

GeRock, Saturday, 05/05/12 20:28
comments (3)
Germans are Europeans.

Yea, but not all admins in the German admin staff are in the European admin staff as well.
Versus mode is well =) thank you
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