Autumn League 2011 - The final!
After a rather unusual long autumn season 2011 we are now at the grand final of the Premier league. While we wound all the winners of the different divisions yet, still the most prestigious title is to be given away tomorrow.
On the one hand we have the favourite team for the win with FirstFrag, who played a perfect season so far and even did not give away a single match in the Triple Twelve Tournament #3. In the other hand we got mTxServ ! who deserve to be in the final of course too. They suffered somehow in their last matches from forfeits wins, but without a doubt they are still going to be in shape and probably practiced much to keep up their chances for the title.

Tuesday, 06/03/12 21:00
Status: closed

 FirstFrag (#1)[2:0] mTxServ ! (#2)

Both teams met in the upperbracket already on Anzio and Argentan, this time we are going to see the same setup again - it will be intresting how both adjusted their tactics. While FF goes with an advantage into the game by just having to win one map the task for mTxServ ! will be even harder, but fighting their way through the lowerbracket they will be motivated for sure to show what they are capable of in Day of Defeat: Source.

SourceTV servers

For your viewing-pleasure we will setup two SourceTV servers, you can connect to them with the following IP adresses:

  • SourceTV IP #1: connect
  • SourceTV IP #2: connect
We wish you a lot of fun and let the best team win!

Your Day of Defeat: Source Admin Team

Solo, Tuesday, 06/03/12 22:35
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gl hf !
yeah and ip is down good work
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