rcon status is back
Recently we realized that the command db_status doesn't work in a proper way and can not be fixed in the near future. The developer of the plugin tried to fix the bug but it seems this issue can not be fixed fast sadly enough. Therefore we decided that it's necessary to add the old rcon status back into our ruleset.
The rule related to the screenshots has been changed.

2.1 Screenshots

Both parties are responsible for uploading a screenshot of every played round in matchmedia. You also have to take a "rcon status" and "db_info" screenshot, but only the team/player who provided the server is responsible for taking them. All screenshots have to be uploaded to the match page within 24 hours after the match. If you failed to upload them in time you can also write a support ticket and the ESL admins may delete the penalty points given.

For taking a valid rcon status + db_info screenshot you have to write the following commands into console:

  • rcon_password XXX
  • clear (to hide your rcon_password)
  • db_info
  • rcon status
  • jpeg

Changes will take effect from 25 october 2011. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Your Day of Defeat: Source Admin Team
Solo, Monday, 24/10/11 22:33
Rules for Day of Defeat: Source at ESL
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