CUX-!r0n vs. old 'n used
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 old 'n used
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MatchID 26224881
Date Sunday, 10/06/12 20:00
Calculated 28/06/12 14:33
map Mapelimination
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CUX-!r0n wins ! (Default Win)
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The team which is placed in the left side on the matchsheet eliminates one map. Then the right team eliminates one map and pick the map they want to play. Finally the left team pick the map they want to play. The remaining map will be the decider.

Maps for the finals:
- dod_harrington
- dod_coire_rc3

Playmap: dod_anzio

Within the Eurocup, most of our players are out today - could we postpone this match to play during the week?

Thanks in advance
yea of course
just tell us a date on which u could play
we can play on sunday 20cet ok?

+ dod_diversion_b4
maps: dod_anzio, dod_diversion_b4
decider: dod_lennon
on sonday is germany playing xD
Then monday 20 cet?
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