all4nothing vs. Team Decerto DoD: S
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 18.  34.

 Team Decerto DoD: S
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MatchID 24347281
Date Sunday, 13/11/11 20:00
Calculated 13/11/11 23:41
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dod_santos_b3 1 : 2
dod_harrington 3 : 4
Team Decerto DoD: S wins !
Points 0 : +3
13/11/11 23:40
uploaded with ESL Wire Screen 01.jpg*
204 kB, 13/11/11 23:40, by Sleviinn (a4n)
13/11/11 23:40
uploaded with ESL Wire Screen 02.jpg*
205 kB, 13/11/11 23:40, by Sleviinn (a4n)
13/11/11 23:40
uploaded with ESL Wire Screen 03.jpg*
259 kB, 13/11/11 23:40, by Sleviinn (a4n)
13/11/11 23:40
uploaded with ESL Wire Screen 04.jpg*
188 kB, 13/11/11 23:40, by Sleviinn (a4n)
13/11/11 23:41
uploaded with ESL Wire status.jpg*
1.0 MB, 13/11/11 23:41, by Hispan0 (deCerto)
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Team Decerto DoD: S












Team Decerto DoD: S
09/11/11 22:23
Week 3
So week 3 is here! We manage to beat Peculiar (Not sure how bte) and we still have chances to get to fight for the 2nd/3rd slot.

Santos is kinda gay for us so we will try to end it with a 0-0. Harrington is as lennon a well known French map so we will need to do it really good if we want to try and win it.

It will be an interesting match to watch since I will be playing, let's see if we are able to win this. Hf.

Viva España.
09/11/11 13:45
a4n vs deCerto
This is probably going to be the tightest match in this group. We will look forward to win this one, then we could have an interesting option to the qualification.
I think the 'real' match will be on Harrington, which is an open map concerning full caps comparing to santos_b3 which is quite closed. Both team will try to make the difference on Harrington, as deCerto has already shown some good results with experienced players on this map.
Anyway, we wish them good luck for this match and the rest of the competition. May the better team win! :)
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comments (10)
Hi guys,
When are you able to play this one? Is sunday good for you?
Sup ladies, still need to ask some of my teammates but it should be fine for us, will give a final answer later today or tomorrow the latest.
I confirm Sunday at 20:00.
We cant play sunday and monday... Can u play Tuesday??
So, are you going to use your wildcard? If you do so I guess that we will be playing next week, I will ask my guys about Tuesday once you use your WC.
We agree to play @ 22.cet
please post the stv
connect;password endsnyggt
stv coming :D
awesome, make sure you post it before gamestart, pps otherwise i think
gg guys.
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