Spring QualiCup #4 and more
The Spring Season is about to start but we need two more teams for the premier division. zP!-Gaming and FirstFrag will not be participating in the Spring Season and so we have the two spots left.
But that is not enough for us and hopefully not enough for you too. We want to run a few Nightcups in the near future so let us know what kind of Nightcups you want to have.
But first of all here are the information for the 4th and last QualiCup and the winners from the previous Nightcup and from the Triple Twelve Tournament.
Schedule for QualiCup #4

4th QualiCup Signup
Round 1 and 2 - 29th March 20 and 21 CEST
Round 3 and 4 - 1st April 20 and 21 CEST

Winners Triple Twelve Tournament #3

Winners Nightcup #3

You can check out the winner from this two cups and all of our previous cups in our Hall of Fame


And now it's your turn. Tell us what kind of nightcups and other cups shall we host in the near future?
We can only improve ourself if you give us constructive feedback.
So feel free to write a short comment right below this news.

If you need any support, just join on IRC (#esl.dod) or write a support ticket.

Your Day of Defeat: Source Admin Team

GeRock, Tuesday, 27/03/12 21:52
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remove mat_filtertextures 1 from forbidden client settings

cup with dod_fuel_ctf_b2 would be nice because this great map is no more in the map pool :(
3.3. Client settings
The following settings have to be entered into your client config:
mat_filtertextures 1

so it's not forbidden it must be set to 1

And a cup with fuel shouldn't be a problem
some suggestions

- use fullcap difference and direct confrontation instead of decl in case of draws in the groupstage.

makes no sense to lose the place on the playoffs when u've got a bigger fc ratio, won on direct confrontation to the other team but still they managed to get more "decl" points god knows how.

- regarding the qualifier you could've waited (you dont seem to be a hurry to get this started by looking at the dates given before) for the weekend and perhaps monday so that it wouldnt be at exactly the same time as the europa league matches. but then again maybe y'all just watch cricket.

- bring in some fresh faces for the admin team, it gets boring of watching the same names beneffiting the same people over and over again.

- be stricter with whoever fails to use the anticheat, all the common problems have a fix by now and it cant be tolerated that players dont use it and simply open a support ticket because they can't be arsed to read the wire faq.
normally the team with the better fullcap score has the better decl points but we'll keep that in mind

we want to start next week with the groupstage so we need to play this qualifier this week.
And the people will more likely will watch the cl today then the el tomorrow

we can't bring in fresh faces to benefit other teams cause we A don't have applications and B don't benefit teams
if you have the suspicion that some admins benefit teams then write a support ticket and we'll clarify this case

we will be more stricter in the near future but in the last few weeks we had some big issues with wire that wasn't often not the players fault
i mean to use it with "0" .......
Let me ask you something why you want to use it?
I tried it by myself and it looks awful.
GeRock wrote:
normally the team with the better fullcap score has the better decl points but we'll keep that in mind

false. I hope your "keep that in mind" is for real.
it is trust me

any more wishes for upcoming nightcups?
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