Country Championship 2011 - Winners
After a very long season we finally found a winner for the ESL 2011 Country Championships. We went through the qualification matches where six teams had to qualify for the groupstage. In the groupstage the top 4 of every group earned a slot in the playoffs. Now only one nation remains.
The finals ended in yet another victory for the French, who had to play versus a very strong team Sweden. The swedes gave it their best shot but they couldn't prevent the French from taking a third victory in a row, unfortunatly.

Country Championship 2011:

1st place
+ 6x3 Months ESL Premium

2nd place
+ 6x2 Months ESL Premium

3rd place
+ 6x1 Month ESL Premium

Your Day of Defeat: Source Admin Team
sheppard, Thursday, 16/06/11 19:00
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