Autumn League 2011 - Playoffs
Autumn smoothly turned to winter. And with a little delay we're starting playoffs in our Autumn League 2011. We've seen many exciting matches during the groupstage not only in Premier division but in lower divisions also. Few teams impressed the community showing their ability to improve skills in very short period of time. But now all matches of groupstage have finished and we hope you're ready for the playoff. This news contain important info about it. So please read the news carefully.
Premier statistics

In Premier division we used one ESL feature called match statistics. All frags in Premier division were patiently collected and calculated by fAn who recently joined back to our admin staff. We present you Premier players statistics for whole groupstage. Find there your favourite player and/or your personal rating!

SourceTV and statement issue in Premier division

We want inform you that we had to make one difficult decision. We decided to remove all penalty points that were given for missing/late statements and SourceTV because with many major changes of the main ruleset, it has very negatively affected on the Premier teams. In one time 3 teams from group B should have been kicked from the league. We believe we will adapt such rule in the next season.

Playoff's teams

We're glad to present you the best 32 teams in their divisions. In playoffs all teams (except Premier teams) will be placed in accordance with concept "A1-D2,B1-C2".

Premier division

2nd division

3rd division

4th division

Small note: in this season we used DeCL points in ranking system. If you want to find out how the DeCL system does work, visit the ranking page and find out an explanation under the tables.

Concept of the playoffs

  • Playoffs format: Double elimination
  • Matches format: Best of Three
  • Shedule: see in matches (we will finish in January)
  • Timelimit: 15 minutes (download config)
  • Maps: (download archive)

    • dod_salerno
    • dod_anzio
    • dod_lennon
    • dod_harrington
    • dod_argentan
    • dod_catania_rc2
    • dod_vallente_rc3
    • dod_coire_rc3
    • dod_santos_b3
  • Map elimination procedure:

    The team which is placed in the left side on the matchsheet eliminates two maps from the aforementioned mappool. Then right team eliminates two maps. Then left team eliminates one map and chooses their map that they want to play. Then right team eliminates one map and chooses their map that they want to play. The rest map will be decider.

Rules reminder

Don't forget about our rules! We, as always, recommend you to read complete ruleset. But special attention you have to pay to following points:

We wish good luck & have fun for every team is in the playoffs! Let the best win!

Your ESL Day of Defeat: Source Admin team
Solo, Wednesday, 07/12/11 17:43
Groupstage rankings
Statistics for Premier players
comments (5)
Playoffs format: Double elimination
Matches format: Best of Three

Looking really good!

GL all team in playoffs!
Double elimination in Playoffs i love you dod.eu staff :). The germany staff could learn a lot from you :D

hf gl for all teams
Awesome guys! - gl to all teams!
Thanks fAn, awesome job!
HF GL everyone!
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