Go4 "Go" #4: Some background info on our cups
It is unbelievable, the ESL is proud to say that we have more than 30 Go4 cups all around the world: From Russia to North America, from Europe to Asian. The Go4 cups give you the opportunity to win some real money, and have the chance to test your skills against the pro's. If you feel like playing some games against some high leveled pros from Asia just click on the Go4 news links from LoL and Starcraft.
If you are wondering how the Go4 system works, well it differs in which cup you register, but the main idea of Go4 is: Every week you have at least one Go4 cup in which you score points to qualify for the monthly final. In all these listed cups you can win prize money up to €3,350 every month. We believe in the fact that there is a Go4 cup for everyone. Just check out one of these games and get started right away.

RotterdaM explains how to sign up for Go4SC2 and other Go4 cups:

Wednesday Go4LoL Benelux
Saturday Go4LoL Portugal
Sunday Go4LoL West
Sunday Go4LoL East
Sunday Go4LoL Poland
Sunday Go4LoL France
Sunday Go4LoL Italy
Sunday Go4LoL Romania
Sunday Go4LoL Asia
Sunday Go4LoL Spain

Wednesday Go4SC2 Europe
Thursday Go4SC2 Europe
Sunday Go4SC2 Europe
Sunday Go4SC2 Poland
Sunday Go4SC2 Czech
Sunday Go4SC2 Asia
Sunday Go4SC2 Spain

Sunday Go4CSGO

Sunday Go4WoT
Sunday Go4WoT CIS

Monday Go4BF3
SoniK.kaos, Monday, 23/07/12 12:14
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