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Ladder for a game already on ESL?
To suggest ladders for a game already on ESL, go to the game's forum and post there!

All CS (1.6, CSS and CS:GO) ladder requests will be deleted
Please do not request specific CS ladders! When the respective admin team are sure that they are able to handle the extra work created by a new ladder, a news and poll will be made to decide what kind of ladder will be opened.

Requirements to suggest a new game
- should be a new or current game
- should have a stable multiplayer part
- should have an option for replays and screenshots

Every post regarding a new game should look like this:
topic: name of the game

name of the game:
community info:

All threads that do not meet the above points will be closed/deleted.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to open a ticket here:

ESL Admin Team
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