Dawngate Beta Week #6: Join the ESL team tonight
Tonight at 21:00 CEST the servers of Dawngate will go live again. The changelog of Patch #3 has already been released and tonight we will see Petrus, a new Jungler/Bruiser, joining the battlefield. Tonight the ESL staff and Community Managers will be testing the game with you. Join us on the Gather system and see what some premade games in Dawngate can be like!

Closed Beta: Patch 3 Changelog

Register for the Closed Beta of Dawngate
Beta Test Times: Friday, 21:00 CEST - Saturday, 6:00 CEST

Use the ESL Gather System to find a Group of 5

As right now password protected custom games are not possible right now, we use a slight hack of our Gather System. When you create a Gather simply set the number of players to 5. As soon as 5 players are found and ready, you can start the Gather, add the others to you friend list, join up in a voice tool of your choice and get going.

See all open Gathers or start your own

As we already got some members of our Community Management and Admin Staff taking part in the beta, we will keep an eye on having some Gathers open with our staff for the start at 21:00 CEST. Feel free to open your own Gathers but just like in the match lobby itself, keep an eye on the number of players so most players get a running match sooner than later.

See you tonight and let's have a nice testing night!
Soodi, Friday, 28/06/13 11:31
ESL Dawngate Gathers
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When become a code from this game -,-
If I need players tonight Ill try to use it ;P
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