Cups at the Weekend
We are a bit late so that the first of two Friday Cups is already running. Nevertheless here is out weekly column - Cups at the weekend!
Check out what is coming up this weekend!

ESL Cups (21st-23rd September 2012)

22:00 CEST:  SC2 1on1 Late Night Cup #108 Signup
18:00 CEST: S4 League DM 1on1 Rescue Cup Signup
19:00 CEST: AVA Demolition 5on5 September Cup! Signup
14:00 CEST: LoL EU West Go4LoL Cup #108Signup
14:00 CEST:  SC2 Go4SC2 Cup #230Signup
14:00 CEST:  CS:GO Go4CSGO Cup #12Signup
15:00 CEST:  LoL EU Nordic&East Go4LoL Cup #108Signup
15:00 CEST:  WoT Go4WoT Cup 71Signup
16:00 CEST:  Crossfire Go4Crossfire Cup #4 Signup
16:00 CEST:  TMNF Competition 1on1 EMS Quali 2Signup
19:00 CEST: SC2 1on1 Bronze/Silver Cup #298Signup
19:00 CEST:  SC2 1on1 Gold/Platinum Cup #290Signup
20:00 CEST:  BF3 Go4BF3 #42 - Qualification Signup
20:00 CEST: Combat Arms SD 1on1 Cup Series Q3Signup
20:00 CEST: Blub Game 1on1 Cup Series v56 Signup
20:00 CEST:  CoD4 Promod SD 3on3 Cup Series Q4Signup

Check out the Cup Portal for more information and cups

Side Notes

Brand new Cup Portal is online!
FIFA 12 1on1 Challenging your skill - Final takes place

good luck!
// Your Cup Squad

Sn4kE, Friday, 21/09/12 20:23
Brand new EU Cup Portal
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