VERSUS: Gameaccount mandatory now
After testing the new Gameaccount feature during VERSUS goes crazy we now made the Gameaccounts mandatory. To play any mode on VERSUS in Counter-Strike: Source you first need to register your gameaccount like all premium users already could do during the last week or every user during VSGC #6 last Sunday. If you need any help check this news.

Gameaccount integration - The benefits

Verifying your gameaccount improves your account security massively and especially helps us in preventing fake accounts from playing VERSUS. After the release of this feature there will be only one solution to bypass the system: Buying a new copy of the game. This should be enough to deter the majority of fakers and cheaters.

Gameaccount integration - How it works

Gameaccount Integration - FAQ

Q: Can gameaccounts still be added manually?
A: No, the new automated system replaces the old verification process.

Q: I already entered my gameaccounts, do i still have to verify myself again?
A: Yes, every player needs to verify his gameaccounts with the new system, since the new verification process ensures more security for your account as well as a better prevention against fakeaccounts. Furthermore VERSUS is completely based on new technologies and to prevent dependence from old ESL code we had to program the gameaccount system from scratch.

Q: What can i do if anyone plays with a wrong gameaccount?
A: In this case you should report the player with the newly added reporting reason "Wrong gameaccount".
Soodi, Wednesday, 01/08/12 12:13
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