Changing our Trusted-Restrictions
We will change our trusted restrictions for all ladders and cups to T1 for all countries as we think that in time of ESL Wire Anti Cheat and other protections like the ESL-Plugin the gaming in our section is safe enough to go this step.

The Restrictions in detail

With the european section growing over the years more restrictions have been added to ensure the quality of gamers playing in it.
Some years ago, we added T3-Restrictions for Germany, Austria and Switzerland - followed by T1-Restrictions for France, Poland, Russia and Italy.

We think now it's time to change the restrictions for some countries by decreasing all trusted restrictions to T1 for all European CS:S-Ladders and cups effective from 01.04.2012.

The Trusted-Restrictions will look as following:
  Trustlevel 1, for players from , , , , , ,

All information on Trusted

If you have any questions or want to know more about gaining a Trustedlevel, visit our official Playercard Portal.
Specific questions about the upcoming changes can of course also be stated in the comments or by writing a Support-Ticket.

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Your Admin-Team
dNN, Thursday, 29/03/12 20:29
ESL Playercard Portal
comments (10)
still don't need to get trusted ;)
trusted prooo :)
We thing now it's time,
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SK8ER_ wrote:
still don't need to get trusted ;)

thats why esl sucks
just remove those fr/be cheaters from ladder thx
and what about ger players @ 1 out of 2 playing with a radarhack ?
Come one guys, please dont make generalisations.
Furthermore the topic of this News is the Trustedrestrictions!

we cant force players to get trusted if their country dont use the trusted restriction in all their ladders.
#6 +1 !
#5 ... most cheaters are in YOUR country !
trusted lvl for italian players is nosense, how many of them play on ladders?
jo wrote:
trusted lvl for italian players is nosense, how many of them play on ladders?

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