ESL Plugin | More Security in VERSUS!
We know about the problems with Cheaters and Fakeaccounts, but now we want to present another feature for the fight against them!

Gameaccount Check

From now on the ESL Plugin checks all players thatare connecting on the server for a possibly blacklisted account.
Also the ESL Status shows these problematic cases.

If you set the command esl_gasearch to "0" , the plugin won't do anything, the ESL Status just shows that there is something wrong.

If the command esl_gasearch is set to "1" , you'll see a short message, if there is a problem with one of the players from the server. This short message will be shown every time when someone is joining the server.

If the command got set to "2" , you'll see a short message about the problem, amd the player also will be kicked automatically.

It's up to you which value you choose.

What is to do in these cases?

Please open a short Support with Matchlink and Status Screenshot, when someone got kicked because of the new feature.

Of course, the match can be aborted.

Again and Again and Again...

It still hasn't got round to all players, that playing with a ServerSideHack is detected by the ESL-Plugin. Since december again 30 player got banned.

B 4 G G Y (4304***) B O Z Z A U R A (6381***) dLn (4668***)
Edited (3448***) mLR (4771***) rapidla (4658***)
Nightwish (6303***) Sponge (5431***) opfd (5538***)
mavi (4461***) ZeroGraviTie (5246***) deniz (5441***)
kRAYZEN (6472***) HorstOpfer (5807***) KingRaCeR (4164***)
IneXx (6023***) qLk.y0 (6499***) sLk.y0 (6470***)
The Time (4570***) Lui (6514***) YAYO (6531***)
Sascha7 (5661***) NAWAK (4046***) ZippODOWN (2381***)
dropzBiatch (6006***) yRox (6367***) Hastebeastx (6472***)
Hurensohn13337 (5624***) Zy0x (6477***) UNKNOW (5214***)

ESL Plugin Server should be preferred

The rules of VERSUS already got updated. Server with ESL Plugin should be preferred. If there is no ESL Plugin active you can change the server or abort the match.

Your Admin Team
eldoorfiix, Wednesday, 22/02/12 22:46
comments (3)
esl_gasearch 2 mandatory for VERSUS matches please!
FYZEK wrote:
esl_gasearch 2 mandatory for VERSUS matches please!
You can choose yourself ;-)
where can i download this pleas ?
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